The 3 main things to remember, if you read nothing else, are the following items.

1.) Follow all Bravo Fleet Rules & Regulations as found in the Constitution and Bylaws.

2.) Post at least once every 14 days (merit may be given to Personal Logs).

3.) Encouraged to be an active part of the Ship's OOC Chat and forum systems.


There are two sets of norms in place within the simulation: rules and guidelines. Rules are mandatory and are followed by all members. Guidelines are optional, friendly pieces of advice.

Rules of general conduct

[1] This sim is rated at +13, for more information see ByLaw #2.7.1
[2] All members of the simulation shall be courteous and polite to one another at all times.
[3] All members are to act in the best interests of the simulation at all times.
[4] The chain of command is to be respected and followed at all times.
[5] The decisions of the Game Manager (GM) shall be final.
[6] All communication mediums obtained via the simulation (including e-mail, instant messengers, group addresses) shall be used exclusively for simulation related activities. The poaching or ‘recruiting’ of players will not be tolerated.

Rules concerning characters and positions

[1] The appointment of players and approval of character biographies shall be at the sole discretion of the Game Manager.
[2] No member is to request promotion or commendation. The award of such shall be at the sole discretion of the Game Manager.
[3] The Game Manager may appoint an individual to act as Assistant Game Manager (AGM), to deputise on his behalf and to assume any duties so agreed.
[4] In the absence of the Game Manager the Assistant Game Manager shall act in the capacity of Game Manager.


[1] You are free to create NPC's up to one rank below your character.
[2] If you are a department head you may create an NPC within your department, up to or including the Assistant Department head. This is only applicable for the same department. ie. Chief Operations can not create Assistant Chief Security NPC.
[3] If you are not a department head, you may create an NPC's that are not Assistant or Chief positions.
[4] There is no limit on NPCs, however please be reasonable.

Posting rules

[1] All posts and logs submitted shall remain within the bounds of good taste, the simulation context and wider principles of Star Trek, as interpreted by the Game Manager.
[2] Role play will conform to the Star Trek universe as established in Star Trek canon and shall be governed by rational extension thereof. The canon shall not be contradicted by character, role play or simulation design.
[3] Missions may only be started and ended by the Game Manager, the Assistant Game Manager, or with their permission.
[4] All players shall submit at least one post/log per 2 calendar weeks.
[5] Should a player be unable to post for a period of time in excess of 2 weeks, he/she shall notify the simulation by submitting a Leave of Absence (LOA) Notice to the ‘chat’ list. LOA Notices shall contain approximate dates of the LOA period. If an LOA is expected to be 3 weeks or longer, an Extended LOA is to be applied for.
[6] Where a player fails to post for a period of time, in excess of 2 weeks, in the absence of an LOA Notice, a three strike rule shall be in operation.
(a) Following failure to contribute for 2 weeks, a player shall receive a letter of concern from the Game Manager or Assistant Game Manager.
(b) Following failure to contribute for three consecutive weeks, a player shall receive a written reprimand from the Game Manager. At this time, member's characters will be transferred to NPC status.
(c) Following failure to contribute for four consecutive weeks, a player shall be removed from the simulation, with 24 hours notice.

Posting Guidelines


Virtually all posts/logs submitted fall into one of two broad categories: novel or script. Both formats are acceptable. Many players vary between the two. The script style lends itself well to posts involving alot of action and a number of characters, whereas the novel style lends itself to more intimate situations, where there are fewer characters and a greater emphasis on setting, mood and thoughts. Players are free to choose their own format, but it must be used consistently within an individual post or log.
All posts/logs submitted must be written in the third person.

Common Posting Elements

must be clearly marked. In novel style it is denoted by speech marks, “”. Be sure to make it obvious which character is speaking and follow the new speaker, new line rule. In the script style, speech is preceded by the name of the speaker and a colon.

COMM traffic:
dialogue over a COMM line, speech marks are substituted for italics in quotes. Italics can be done with standard HTML code.

Telepathy and Inner Monologue:
where characters communicate telepathically with one another, or a single person is thinking to himself, speech marks are substituted for italics.

Date/Time tags:
in the provided block, the format used is Mission Day hyphen 24 hour time. Examples are below. If the post date/time takes place before the current mission, please make note of it in the post opening.

MD01 0800
MD02 0200
MD03 2000