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Lieutenant Liam Holt

Name Liam Holt

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Second Position Group Commander

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 1.91 m
Weight 85 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Lean but muscular LIam has significant scarring along his back and legs from combat. He has several titanium pins in his spin.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Commander Augustus Holt (Deceased)
Former XO USS Gallant
Mother Bridgett Holt
Chief Operating Officer, Xavier Industrial Solutions
Brother(s) Lieutenant Commander Matteo Holt
Chief Security Tactical Officer, USS Nyh'adra
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Liam maintains a professional demeanour at most time, he doesn't open up easily to those he serves with as his experience has taught him of the inevitable loses in his line of work.
Strengths & Weaknesses Excellent pilot and sharp reflexes, and a keen tactical mind. His technical skills are not of significant note, and he is weak in the sciences. Mild cases of ophidiophobia and a distain, although not fear, of transporters.
Ambitions Perhaps to one day command a starship but as long as he's cleared to be behind the stick of a fighter he intends to stay there.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, painting, and anything in the mountains. Preferring the real thing over the holodeck.

Personal History Liam was the second of two children born to Augustus and Bridgett on the colony of New Oslo along the Romulan boarder. Augustus was a Starfleet officer while Bridgett was a senior bureaucrat with the colonial government. As Augustus was in active service Bridgett did most of the parenting of Liam and his older brother Matteo.

As tension with the Romulans continued to rise the family relocated to Earth, settling in their colonies name sake of Norway. Liam has only a smattering of memories of his life on the colony and mostly considers Earth his home. Shortly after Liams 11th birthday his father was killed. The USS Gallant where his father served as XO was attacked during boarder patrols by the Romulan warbird Yor'Ten. The battle would claim both ships.

Liams older brother was accepted into Starfleet Academy that fall. Leaving Liam and his mother, they had moved to London where Bridgett had taken on a senior role with Xavier Industrial Solutions, a conglomerate of company that's did everything from providing private military contractors to producing self-sealing stembolts.

Liams teenager years involved him spending many long hours along, while he had friends with school the strain of losing his father lead him to be more reclusive. In 2372 he was accepted into the Academy, he threw himself into his studies, while his mother did a poor job of hiding her worry.

Liam excelled as soon as he sat in the cockpit for the first time. While his scores in the sciences were weaker, and his technical and engineering course while satisfactory would likely prevent a distinguished career in the engine room he was a natural at the helm. In his second year he earned a spot on Nova Squadron, the Academy's advanced aerobatics and demonstration squad. Most of his final year of the Academy was split between commanding Nova Squadron and extended cadet cruises as the academy was now providing manpower to assist with shakedowns of the newly commissioned ships.

Graduating from the Academy Ensign Holt was assigned to the USS Coronado, an Akira-class carrier at the heart of strike group. Stationed here for six years he rose to command the 48th Attack Squadron. The Coronado was deployed to front line combat operations, the entire battle group earned multiple commendations.

In 2383 the Coronado was put into dry dock for refits, and Lieutenant Holt was reassigned as CAG aboard the Steamrunner-class Komaro. The group was lean, little more than a reinforced squadron but the Komaro had been refitted with high power engines allowing the ship to serve as a rapid reaction force. Two years after that he was reassigned to command the group aboard the Montreal.

In 2389 Liam was posted to the Sutherland, the Nebula-class ship had just finished a major refit and had a small group of 12 fighters posted to it. After reporting aboard Holt discovered he would also be serving bridge duty as Chief Flight Control Officer.
Service Record 2372-2376 : Starfleet Academy - Flight Control Cadet

2376-2378 : Fighter Pilot, 22nd Fighter Squadron - USS Coronado

Lieutenant JG
2378-2380 : Flight Leader, 48th Attack Squadron - USS Coronado
2380-2381 : Squadron Leader, 48th Attack Squadron - USS Coronado

2381-2383 : Squadron Leader, 48th Attack Squadron - USS Coronado
2383-2385 : Commander Air Group, 16th Aerospace Group - USS Komaro
2385-2389 : Commander Air Group, 22nd Aerospace Group - USS Montreal
2389-Pres : Commander Air Group / Chief Helm Officer - USS Sutherland