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Lieutenant Commander J'Ela Teisen

Name J'Ela Serin Teisen

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon/Betazoid
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 170lb
Hair Color Black Long
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description J'Ela has her share of scars from personal battles and those of the ones that go with her job in engineering. Well developed muscles and very strong. Her Klingon ridges are softened by her Betazoid qualities. Does have a few tattoos covering her worst two scars.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Cmdr. Jayden Moran Teisen (Betazoid)
Mother Cmdr. Ming'tagh Daughter of House Kilrah
Brother(s) 1 Kotar Deceased
Sister(s) 2 J'Ala 23 and Gin'tagh 15
Other Family Grandfather sits on High Council and in KDF.
Uncle in Starfleet Engineering Corps.
Grandmother Ambassador to Earth.
Aunt in Starfleet Fighter Group 422nd Dragon Squadron.

Personality & Traits

General Overview J'Ela is surprisingly quiet and very attentive to her surroundings. She has a sense of humor like no other hybrid Klingon. When it comes to her work she is deadly serious and if you make a mistake it had better be a doozy or she will hand you your head. Is picky when it comes to her friends but when you become that friend she is loyal in that friendship.
Strengths & Weaknesses Loyal, dependable, respectful, trustworthy. Follows orders to the letter unless it goes against her instincts and she feels it is clearly wrong.
J'Ela has inherited her mother's temper. It can get bad enough to get physical but she tries not to let it happen.
Ambitions To be the best CEO in Starfleet. To make the spore drive function in all starships. To improve upon the QSD already in use. To eventually marry and raise a family.
Hobbies & Interests Klingon battle exercises, hiking and climbing, reading engineering manuals, study aerial combat scenarios, flying Valkyries and Gryphons.

Personal History J'Ela was born during one of the worst ion storms to hit the IKS Va'lag. Her parents were returning to Qu'noS after an Ambassadorial dinner. Her father was tickled pink that he had a daughter. Ming'tagh wanted a son but she showed the same level of love and affection she would have given to a daughter. J'Ela had unusually strong Betazoid abilities that were deemed almost freakish by some and yet others would deem them a blessing. In either case, she had to master them so they did not rule her life. With her father's help, she did and started to enjoy her schooling like a normal child.

J'Ela's schooling on Qu'noS was geared to her mother's job, engineering in the KDF. J'Ela learned very quickly the basic nuances of the BOP and went on to be assigned to her mother's ship to fight the Romulan threat.

J'Ela spent 6 years studying the ins and outs of engineering with the BOP and soon got bored. She wanted more and got it. Her parents shipped her out to Earth and Starfleet academy. Oh she was in heaven and just loving it, or so she thought. Quite the contrary, the Academy was fast paced and she had difficulty in making friends. Most of her classmates viewed her as a freak because of her Betazoid abilities. Shunned and laughed at only served to make her temper flare thus getting her in hack with her instructors. Soon however, she did make a few friends and her life settled down enough for her to apply herself to her studies. Her major was of course engineering but she also took courses in fighter piloting and security. Her father made her realize that she needed to also have a second and third class in both those areas. She applied herself and soon was elevated in the social groups to being a loyal member of the club.

Finally she overcame her feeling of 'I don't belong' to being the most popular cadet in her senior year. She continued her studies until she got a communique from her mother that there was unrest with in the Empire and she was needed home. She took a leave of absence from the Academy to return home and defend her Houses honor for the Council elders to recognize she was a Klingon Warrior. The honor was bestowed on her as she did defeat L'Klugh and was recognized as the Daughter of House Kilrah. It was an honor for her and when she returned to the Academy, she wore her baldric with pride.

She continued her studies until she graduated two years later. J'Ela took an extra course in covert operations. It was a course she wanted to take as an extra position should she choose to pursue a spot in intelligence. Both her parents agreed that maybe the intelligence community might use their daughter some day.

Graduating from the Academy 5 years later she was assigned to the USS Adirondack a Nebula class ship where she served as her ACEO. It was an honor to serve on this mighty ship. Sje was not long on the ship when she went through her first battle and came out with a jagged scar on her back. The bulkhead behind her shattered when hit by phaser fire from a new type of Romulan war bird. Spending several days in sickbay, her captain visited her and she was awarded the Silver Star for going beyond the call of duty in saving the ship from certain doom. Surprisingly, J'Ela turned down the chance of a lifetime just to stay with the captain and her crew. She always said, "you can take me out of engineering but you can't take the engineering out of me!" Remaining loyal to the Adirondack, J'Ela stayed for several more years, happily working and upgrading several of the ships systems until the day when her world collapsed.

The Syndicate had enlisted the aid of a rebel faction of the 10th Order of the Romulan Tal Shiar. This 10th Order were nothing to play with. Much like Starfleet's Section 31, they had several ships that basically could tear apart any Federation ship in their vicinity without being detected. Their cloaks were nearly perfect and they de-cloked almost on top of the Adirondack before she could react. Badly damaged, and adrift, J'Ela was the next in the command structure and she took command getting the escape pods off before she attempted to repair the impulse engines online. She was determined to get her ship back to a starbase. With distress calls sent and finally getting some of the impulse drive back she started the limping back to SB 452. Halfway there, she was met by the USS Grenadine and towed the Adirondack into SB 452's space. J'Ela was so angry and visibly hurt by being towed, she wound up in sickbay being treated for severe exhaustion.

She was cleared for duty two weeks later and attended the decommissioning ceremony for her beloved Adirondack. Watching her as she was towed to Galondon Core, its final resting place, J'Ela cried true tears for her fallen lady. She was later awarded the Starfleet Distinguished Service Medal for her actions above and beyond the call of duty. Now she waits to be posted to the USS Sutherland, another distinguished Nebula Class ship.
Service Record Starfleet Academy 5 years. Major Engineering.
2nd major Security
3rd major fighter squadron
1 year Intelligence training
Graduated and assigned to USS Adirondack as her ACEO with rank of Lt. Jg.
Promoted to Lt. And CEO
Received Silver Star for her duty above and beyond the call of duty.
Promoted to Lt. Cmdr.
Received Starfleet Distinguished Service Medal for actions above and beyond the call of duty in bringing home her ship in one piece.
Currently awaiting assignment to the USS Sutherland as her CEO.