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Lieutenant Commander Andrea Sumner

Name Andrea Karen Sumner

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 110 lbs.
Hair Color Brown / Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Andrea is a slender, small built woman, but she exhudes dominance and authority with how she carries her self. When not on duty she can be soft, caring and compassionate to those she considers friends, however on duty she is very strict and driven by the rules.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Austin Sumner
Mother Myra Sumner
Brother(s) Jon Sumner, Marine Captain, Federation Embassy - Qo'nos
Sister(s) Jill Sumner, Ensign, USS Utah
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Andrea is generally a kind and moral person, but she is very driven in her career, and has a fear of being over looked for her slightly smaller build, so she is a little tougher on her self. She is willing to do whatever it takes to help the officers and enlisted under her command.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Security Training, Command, Diplomacy, Piloting
- Medical and Science Training, Social graces at times, cooking
Ambitions Rising to the Admiralty in Starfleet, through merit, and good deeds
Hobbies & Interests History, Combat Training, Physical Training, Shuttle piloting. Model making. Constantly learning new things.

Personal History : Born in 2352 to a pair of Academics on Earth, Andrea grew up learning about history, the classics, the importance of going to space and always looking over the next horizon. She had the heart of an explorer nurtured inside of her, so it came as no surprise to her parents when she applied to Starfleet Academy on her 18th Birthday and was accepted. Though it did come as surprise when she decided to specialize in Security/Tactical training instead of something more academic like Science. Andrea explained it to her parents as her need to forge her own path in life.

Andrea was expecting that she would graduate in 2374 in the standard 4 year officer training program, but that was all adjusted when a war broke out with the Dominion – Cardassian Alliance. She and the rest of her class were granted early commissions and sent out to the felt to help stem the bleeding so to speak from the losses being suffered by the Dominion. She was assigned to the USS Athabaskan, an aging Miranda Class vessel.

She was only on the vessel for six months when the ship was ambushed by the Dominion and destroyed in the Virgo system. Luckily after abandoning ship she and the rest of the crew was rescued by a near by Federation Task Force. She was sent back to DS9 to recoup and await a new assignment. Within six weeks she was reassigned to the USS Nelson, a newly commissioned Akira Class Starship which then took part in all of the remaining engagements of the war. Andrea was injured in the first battle of Chintoka when the Bridge Security console she was manning exploded after the ship took a direct hit from a Cardassian Weapons platform. She went on to serve on the Nelson for the next two years, as she patrolled the Cardassian Border, to both maintain security but also to offer aid where feasible. She leaned that the Cardassians were just as hard hit by the war with the Dominion as anyone else.

In 2377 she was offered a chance to fill in as the Assistant Chief of Security on the USS Ruch, a Galaxy Class starship as the previous had to resign suddenly do a family emergency. She jumped on the chance and served with distinction as the vessel explored regions in and around the Hromi Cluster. She exemplified herself so much that she was assigned to the USS Cartier that was heading into the Delta Quadrant on a five year mission of deep space exploration, and assess the Dominion as it had gone relatively quiet in recent years.

During that mission, Andrea started to date a young Astro-Microbiologist named Scott Warner. The pair were becoming serious in 2384, when the ship was attacked by rogue elements of the Dominion that didn’t appreciate Starfleet in its back yard again. The section Warner was working in was vented into space when the ship was board in late 2384. Andrea had to watch the love of her life die, and that is a memory she carries with her every day. The ship returned to DS9 in 2385 with no further incidents.

After a few months leave Andrea spent the next three and half years on the USS Hudson a newly commissioned Nebula Class Ship as the Chief of Security. She had decided during her leave that she wanted to become an Executive Officer and spent most of her time on the Hudson trying to achieve that goal. She passed the Command Evaluation test, and a few months later was asked if she would assume the XO position on the USS Sutherland. Andrea accepted that position eagerly, wondering what the future had in store for her.
Service Record 2370 – 2373 – Starfleet Academy, rushed graduation due to the Dominion War.
2373 – 2374 – Security Officer, USS Athabaskan, Miranda Class, Destroyed at Virgo II
2374 – 2377 – Security Officer, USS Nelson, Akira Class
2377 – 2380 – Assistant Chief of Security, USS Ruch, Galaxy Class
2380 – 2385 – Chief of Security, USS Cartier, Nova Class, Deep Space Survey
2385 – 2389 – Chief of Security, USS Hudson, Nebula Class
2389 - ???? – Executive Officer, USS Sutherland, Nebula Class