Posted on Mon Apr 29th, 2019 @ 3:57pm by Captain James Tyson Sr.

Captain's log first entry:

It has been four years since I was in command of a starship, and in that short span of time I missed every day I was away. Most would call it being greedy especially since I had 32 years of command experience, others would call it a desperate grab to return to one's youth or the 'glory days' so to speak. I returned for one reason and one reason alone, and that was to provide the Federation experience that is needed for the new threats to the Alpha quadrant. It wasn't an easy transition going from Civilian back to military but I did it, and in doing so I've accomplished something my own father wasn't able to do. I know that most in Starfleet command do not trust me because of my age, but I frankly do not care; as long as you are in the chair you make a difference. Starfleet is more than just the military branch of Starfleet, we are to inspire hope in those who have no hope. We are to provide understanding to those who do not understand; we are to inspire and tear down. The colony worlds are under threat with ideas of pulling away being heard on the lips of some long ranger who is bent on spreading His own version of truth and justice.

I know this sounds like a super hero speech in the face of danger, but in actuality we as Starfleet personal must remember we have a duty beyond just protection, we are to inspire, we are to encourage and we are to provide hope; and the moment we do that I honestly believe that we lose who we are as people and as members of the Federation. Attention to the colony worlds but given just like the core worlds, and with the hopes that the UFP will be stronger for it.

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