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Posted on Tue Jul 9th, 2019 @ 10:55am by Captain James Tyson Sr.

Captain's log Stardate 65053.37 (May 9th, 2389 1:50 pm.)

It has been an experience since the Sutherland has launched from the San Francisco, we arrived at Starbase 214 without incident; during that time my Chief Science Officer transferred over to SB 214 to head up their Science Department of the Wasteland, and we took on a new officer Lieutenant T'Risa a transfer from the USS Ptolemy via the USS Victoria. While here I met with the other captain's that are making up the Exploration Task Force we have come to the conclusion to approach this area of space rather cautiously. My Chief Tactical Officer and also Operations Strategic Adviser as well suggested that we investigate with caution. It was decided that we do not investigate the battle area with a physical starship, but rather with a probe operating a low frequencies; the Victoria is going to deploy two probes one operating silently while one activates more actively. I am hoping that whoever is out there is attracted to the active probe while the silent one records data; and once the active probe is either destroyed or configured, that all the data it collects is encrypted and transmits to SB214.

While the meeting was going on we received an alert from the fighters flying on patrol of an incoming Talarian vessel at high warp, when the hails were ignored the fighter group and the Victoria jumped to action and brought the ship out of warp. Upon inspection the Talarian Warship was heavily damaged, and sensor reports from the fighters and the Sutherland show that the damage she sustained is incredible. I have ordered an away team and placed my XO in charge of going over to the ship and finding out what happens before the warp core explodes; which should be in the next fifteen minutes. The last thing I want is an interstellar incident happening between the Federation and the Alrakis Pact, anything that will give them a leg up when it comes to forcing negotiations will not bode well for the Federation. I am currently awaiting the away team's findings, and hopefully we can find evidence and pass along to the Talarians; the last thing we need is an a diplomatic incident.

Computer End Log.


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