Personal Log, Chief Science Officer, Entry 1

Posted on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 6:46pm by Lieutenant T'Risa

Call me Ishmael.

I have always found it fascinating that my father, for all his insistence on a life of concentration on scientific pursuit, and his retreat from the universe at large into Vulcan society, is often a reliable source of knowledge concerning human fiction, legends and myths. The novel I quote, by the human author Herman Melville, is a particular favorite of his.

So are the works of the Terence White. I became aware of this fact when I made the error of advising my father of my search for the Creators of the Waters, a unique object that the Voyager discovered in the Delta Quadrant. Since that exchange, my father has insisted on designating my search as a Vai-lith'ik.

Though the Vulcan myth does not quite translate as an equivalent to the Arthurian quest for the Holy Grail, the point of my father's derisive comparison is not lost on me. And though his need to make such a comparison is illogical, his point does possess some merit. There are certain...legends, for lack of a better word...that have emanated from the Wastelands or, more specifically, from those systems bordering the Wastelands, that indicate that the Creators of the Waters might have originated from the Wastelands. And those legends were a contributing factor to take my current position on the Sutherlands.

This is not the only legend concerning the Creators of the Waters I have discovered, but it is the only one that I am in a position to directly investigate, and to either prove or disprove. And in the process of collecting information on the various legends concerning the Creators of the Waters, I have accumulated other legends concerning the yet unmet denizens of the Wastelands. Some in particular are...disturbing. Whether these legends are indeed based at least partially in fact, or are mythical figures used to enforce certain moral systems, remains to be seen.

End Log Entry