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A First Name Basis

Posted on Tue Apr 30th, 2019 @ 1:45pm by Lieutenant Liam Holt & Captain James Tyson Sr.

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: PreMD

Liam decided to stop and change into the standard duty uniform, he then made his way to the Bridge and chimed the door to the Ready room.

It had been quite a busy week for the Sutherland and her crew, with the refit still underway; and senior officers moving in piece meal, not that it provided any difficulties only challenges. Edward had just finished a lovely chat with the Quartermaster and Operations personal of Starbase 214 and their wonderful time table that they were suggesting for the Sutherland to follow, when he heard the chime to his ready room go off. "Come in," he quickly replied as he sipped a hot cup of Earl Grey Tea that he had just made a few minutes ago.

"Good morning Sir, Lieutenant Liam Holt reporting, I also can report the arrival of the Sutherland's new fighter group." Holt said handing the older man a PADD.

Edward took the padd from the young officer and quickly scanned through it, and everything seemed to be in order. "At ease lieutenant," replied Edward as he motioned to the chair in front of him. "Just to let you know I"m on a first name basis with my senior staff; with that being said how was your trip here Liam?" the old man asked as he placed the padd on the table and powered it down.

"Not bad, took a few transfers to get all the way back to Earth." He replied relaxing slightly. "The unit is a new formation being stood up for the Sutherland, so everyone is coming from other assignments. It will take some time to get the cohesiveness of the unit up to snuff, but we'll get them there."
"I have faith that you will," Edward stated as he picked up his cup and took another sip before placing it down with a slight shake. "I know Liam that you transferred over as the ships CAG, but I was looking at you and your pilots profiles and you are excellent pilots. It would be a tall order in requesting this, but our CFO that was recently assigned to the Sutherland transferred to a Starbase; her and the entire flight team. If you boys don't doing double duty when we need it, consider both positions yours," he asked as he looked at the young man.

"Myself and the staff will be up for the challenge, although I'll have to brush up on my ship operation. I don't think this old girl is quite as maneuverable as I'm used to." He replied with a smirk.

"That much is true," Edward replied with his own withered smile. "However I believe that you can make this ship do things she isn't normally use to doing," he stated as he took another sip of tea and glanced out the side window looking at a worker bee moving supplies to a nearby Nova class starship. " I will say this, you and your boys will be especially busy when we start shipping supplies to Starbase 214; the shear amount of supplies, equipment and personal being moved will be quite extensive and take some time, so that's a bonus as well." he added as he leaned back slightly in his chair and crossed his leg at the knee. "So Liam, tell me something about yourself that isn't in your personal file?"

"What would you like to know sir?" Holt replied, "Starfleet was the family business, at least on my dad's side, although it ended up costing him his life, mom wasn't exactly happy that both my brother and I went into Starfleet but we've managed to stay in pretty much one piece."

"I can see why your mother didn't agree with your enrollment into Starfleet," he stated as he himself remembered that he lost his mother which seemed like such a long time ago. "I lost a parent," Edward stated as he turned around and picked up a picture off his side desk and held it up in front of him. A young 34 year old woman forever frozen in time by a snap shot, it did not seem like it had been sixty one years ago. "My mother was killed when me and my family were transferring to the Drakken IV colony after my father was promoted to command Starbase 173, she was killed in a pirate attack. Out of my brother's and sisters the only one who didn't join into Starfleet was my youngest brother because of it, but he ended up being a freighter captain." Edward glanced at the picture one more time and then placed it back where it was "doesn't seem like it's been 64 years, time flies when you are either having fun or either not having fun. So Liam before we end this meeting do you have any questions for me?"

"No Sir, I should be good, I've some training planned for the group so we can work to get them into shape as a cohesive unit before we're needed." Liam replied.

"Excellent, I look forward to reading your reports. Also don't forget to prepare a duty roster and submit them to Commander Jurot, she is the acting XO until Commander Sumner arrives. Dismissed," replied Edward as he stood and extended his hand "Oh and Welcome aboard the Sutherland."

"Thank you Sir." Liam said rising to his feet and heading for the door.


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