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Old Bird, New Talons

Posted on Sun May 26th, 2019 @ 4:00pm by Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Jurot & Lieutenant Liam Holt

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Primary Weapon Control
Timeline: Pre Launch

Liam had gotten settled in quickly, he was still a bit surprised to be pulling double duty as a Bridge Officer but he knew he likely wouldn't stay in the cockpit forever and it was a logical progression. He pushed the train of thought from his head as he entered weapon control, he had a message form the Tactical Chief requesting his help with some upgrades and had made his way to find the woman.

"Commander Jurot?" He said approaching a woman with commander pips.

Turning in the chair she was sat in whilst she worked on a new computer algorithm, the Commander noticed the advancing man and smiled. “Lieutenant,” she nodded.

"Lieutenant Holt, you requested to see me." He said.

"Indeed," the Tactical officer spoke as she rose from her chair. "I have had a number of tactical upgrades sent our way and I suggest some could be downsized to augment he weapons output on your starfighters," she advised as she passed a data PADD to the newcomer.

Liam looked over the specs, "Looks interesting, although based on the output of these cannons we may need to do something to increase the power output."

"I'm sure that we can work with engineering to do just that," she smiled as she gestured to the door. There was, after all, no time like the present.

"Alright, let's take a closer look." He said with a nod, "These upgrades to launchers should give this old bird a pretty strong bite, even if I'm mixing metaphors, but it looks like the aft launchers have a fairly limited firing arc, is there anything we can do to improve that."

"If we can even get two percent extra efficiency or power output from the cannons, it would be worth it," Jurot supposed out loud as she smiled at her colleague. "I'm working on the tactical array at present, but I can spare you a couple of people to assist if you need them?" she queried a few seconds later.

"We've got some pretty good people down on the flight deck we should be able to manage." Liam replied, "It looks like they've found a way to fix the capacitance issue and improve the output that way." He added looking over the schematics.

"You might want to try some simulations of the new structural integrity upgrades," Jurot advised. "I know they are intended for the Sutherland herself, but if anything can be adapted for the Fighters, then we have a greater advantage."

He nodded, "We'll definitely look into it. The birds we have our brand new so we should have a little bit more to work with."

"If you need me in the meantime, I'll be here," Jurot nodded to the Lieutenant. "Let's see if we can get these done and impress the Captain," she smiled.

"Sure, let's get to work." He replied.


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