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Checked Tempers

Posted on Sun Jun 23rd, 2019 @ 11:47pm by Lieutenant Commander Andrea Sumner & Lieutenant Liam Holt

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: XO's Office
Timeline: MD 4

Andrea had been working on some catching up on her reading and reports since the ship had left dock. She looked up as she heard the door chime sound. "Enter" She said instinctively as the door swooshed open.

"Commander," Holt said with a nod stepping into the office. "I wanted to submit this in person, we had a minor altercation between crewman on the flight deck." He said handing her the PADD.

Andrea raised an eyebrow as she took the PADD and glanced at it. "Have a seat." She motioned to an empty chair as she skimmed the PADD. "Just how minor is minor?"

"A couple of thrown punches. No serious injuries. The two involved have been disciplined." He said taking the seat.

Andrea frowned and raised an eyebrow. "I am not sure I like the idea of two crewmembers throwing punches at each other." She said frankly. "Any idea what started it?"

"It appears that the pilot and deck chief had a difference in opinions in what was causing some issues with one of the fighters. The altercation escalated, apparently coming to claims of each other's ability to do their job." Liam reported, "Afterwards I made it very clear to the rest of the department that it was not how we would deal with things in future and if they have a problem they need to bring it to me."

Andrea nodded. "Very well, I trust your judgement in this matter, however if there is a next time, both are to be brought to me. I will not have us break down into a ship of pirates." She said. "Out of curiosity what was wrong with the fighter?"

"I have assigned another team to check, the pilot claims it's an injector, crew claims they checked the it and it's fine." Liam replied, "and once they're done I'm taking a look personally." He added.

Andrea nodded. "Make it your priority, we may need those fighters sooner than later, and i would rather not have one down for safety reasons." She paused for a second. "I really do hope there is no repeat incident."

"I don't anticipate there will be, bench a pilot once and they get really good at keeping their temper in check." Liam replied.

Andrea just nodded and studied the other officer for a moment before smiling. "Well remind them we do have an operational holodeck to..." She paused for a moment as if she was thinking for the correct phrase. "vent and properly allocate said tempers." She finally said before taking a sip from the coffee on her desk.

"Yes ma'am." The Lieutenant said with a nod.

Andrea smiled and looked up at the younger officer. "One more thing Mr. Holt, When time allows, and assuming the Captain allows it, I want to be checked out in one of your fighters, from where I sit it doesn't hurt to be familiar with every department on this ship, and yours sadly, can't say I am."

"Of course ma'am, drop by at some point and we'll have someone go over the basics with you and let you take one out for a spin." Liam replied.

"Sounds good." Andrea nodded. "Was there anything else?" She sipped on her coffee delicately.

"No ma'am that should be all." He said rising to his feet.

Andrea nodded. "See to your duties. We will talk soon." She sipped her coffee as Liam walked out. She put the mug down and went back to reading the PADD.


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