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Memoirs of a Creepy Crossword Puzzle Stalker

Posted on Thu Jun 27th, 2019 @ 1:46pm by Lieutenant T'Risa

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Ship's Lounge, USS Victoria
Timeline: Approx time of arrival of Sutherland to SB214

Lt. Commander Rathbone Daniels was becoming a bit flustered.

He had spotted the young, attractive lieutenant when he'd entered the ship's lounge about half an hour ago. Her face was intent on her PADD. A quick passing glance showed that she was working on a crossword puzzle.

Commander Daniels thought this would present a perfect opportunity to introduce himself to the Lieutenant. The Commander considered himself an aficionado of crossword puzzles, both in their classic form and the many derivative forms they had taken in the last four centuries. And it made sense that Daniels would excel at them. Crossword puzzles were invented by an Englishman, after all.

So all he had to do was wait for this lieutenant in front of him to get stumped on a word and, while she looked puzzled and perplexed, he would swoop in, help her with the clue that had stumped her, and then let things take their natural course

Except this Lieutenant wasn't getting stumped. She seemed almost machine-like in her ability to answer clues and complete puzzles. He was fairly certain she had finished one puzzle already and was in the middle of a second one.

And she was maintaining her awareness, too. She looked up just as a server was asking if she wanted her drink refreshed.

Commander Daniels, on the other hand, was so intent on his surreptitious surveillance of the young lieutenant that the server had to ask him twice what he wanted.

Finally, a ship wide announcement advised everyone that the USS Sutherland had arrived at Starbase 214, and listed the locations where transfers to the Sutherland were to report. The attractive lieutenant brushed an errant lock of hair out of the way before standing, revealing the point of a Vulcan ear.

Ah well, Daniels told himself as he watched her leave, she's probably two or three decades older than I thought she was. And still just a lieutenant. Probably one of those who gets too intent on whatever she's working on. You can tell that by how fast she was working those crossword puzzle.

With that dismissal firmly in mind and ego, Commander Daniels finished his drink and headed to the class he was taking on the human author Miguel de Cervantes. Tonight they were reviewing the story of El Curioso Impertinente.


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