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A new Transfer

Posted on Tue Jul 2nd, 2019 @ 8:24am by Captain James Tyson Sr. & Lieutenant T'Risa

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD 19

It had been a couple of days since the Sutherland arrived at Starbase 214 waiting for the rest of the task force to arrive for the meeting that was suppose to take place, he had been preparing notes and his presentation for the other captain's in his ready room. A young ensign had recently brought to him a report in regards to the latest sensor reports from the base of the Wastelands; and he was hoping that there would be something that would shed some additional light upon the subject.

T'Risa had exchanged a few words with the bridge officer who currently had the Conn before heading to the ready room. Although strictly not necessary (she'd needed only to advise said officer of the purpose for her presence on the bridge), T'Risa had discovered in the past that non-Vulcans responded positively to a Vulcan colleague or superior who was willing to engage in "small talk." Having spent a good deal of her formative years among her mother's people, it wasn't a difficult skill to acquire and utilize. Though her father would say such behavior was counterproductive, T'Risa found it actually increased productivity. As the maxim went, the conclusion wasn't necessarily logical, but it was nevertheless true.

PADD in hand that contained her orders, T'Risa signaled her presence at the entrance to the ready room.

"Enter," replied Edward as he put down another padd and picked up another one, as he was making sure that all the data that he was comprising was not only correct but also compelling.

"Captain Tyson?" T'Risa asked. It was a rhetorical question, of course. TRisa knew perfectly well who the man seated before her was, and even knew something of his background. At least that part of his background that was available on a publicly accessible database. But it was customary to pose the introduction as a question upon initially reporting to one's superior. Just as it was customary to present one's orders on a PADD, even though T'Risa knew her orders to report to the Sutherland and her qualifications for her new post as the Sutherland's Chief Science Officer were already contained within the Sutherland's data storage. They were customs her Vulcan father would have considered unnecessary and held in logical disdain. But as she had learned at the Academy, customs were just as necessary for a starship to function as was its re-crystallised dilithium. As the maxim went, it wasn't necessarily logical, but it was certainly true.

"Lieutenant T'Risa," the Vulcan woman continued, handing over her PADD. "I've been assigned to you as your Chief Science Officer."

Edward took the padd from the Vulcan science officer and took a look at it as he viewed the transfer orders via Starfleet Command. "Very interesting," he said as the padd beeped as he scrolled down viewing the rest of her file. "The Endurance, the Ptolemy very interesting assignments. You've joined the Sutherland actually at a very interesting point, as my former Chief Science Officer just transferred to Starbase 214 only a few hours ago, I didn't think Starfleet Command would issue a replacement so quickly," he said as he placed the padd down and motioned for her to have a seat.

T'Risa nodded as she took the proffered seat.

"Just to give you ahead's up Lieutenant, I usually call my senior officers by their first names; however if you want me to call you by your rank then name then I shall do so. Outside of that the Sutherland is about to embark in a region that has hardly been explored and even then it's been over 84 years since we've been active in the region; I hope you are up to a lot of away mission."

"As far as how you choose to address me, Captain," T'Risa replied, "I believe the phrase 'Captain's prerogative' is applicable." T'Risa paused for a moment before continuing. "It is regrettable that it required political developments for Starfleet to return to this area of space. I would not consider myself an expert on the Wastelands, but even in my previous occupation, before joining Starfleet, I had become acquainted with some of the unauthenticated accounts that have emerged from from this area of the Quadrant. I must admit, it does make the Wastelands sound...intriguing. And, if I were to draw a historical parallel, I would say the Wastelands are poised to serve the same function between the Federation and the Alrakis Pact that central and southern Asia served on Earth between the British and Russian Empires during the nineteenth century. i suspect the Sutherland will not lack for activity. So in answer to your question, Captain, I will be 'up' for as many away missions as are required."

"Well since I'll be using 'Captain's prerogative' T'Risa it is then," he said as he put down her transfer file. "Truthfully the Federation never should have abandoned this area of space, but something had to have happened to cause the Federation to pull out without looking back at all; however with the full refit of the Sutherland I'm confident that we can handle anything that we encounter. So tell me about your last posting on the Ptolemy? I just read high praise from your former department head and including the ship's first officer, they seemed like they didn't want to let you go?"

Point of fact, T'Risa hadn't been sure she had wanted to leave the Ptolemy. The Endurance had been a good ship, but the Ptolemy's mission was more closely aligned to the exploratory aims of Starfleet, and provided more opportunities for a science officer. T'Risa had taken a position on the Ptolemy as soon as it had been offered. And T'Risa's multidisciplinary background had made her an asset. So much so that she had been promoted to assistant chief of the Ptolemy's science division within two years of her first reporting to the ship.

T'Risa wouldn't have said she was happy on the Ptolemy. That would have been an admission even a Vulcan whose upbringing wasn't completely Vulcan would make. But she did find the working conditions on the Ptolemy satisfactory. So much so, that she passed up two previous opportunities to head up her own science division on another starship to remain on the Ptolemy. She provided logical reasons for doing so, of course, but her father would have considered her logic faulty.

When the narrow window of opportunity for Chief Science Officer for the Sutherland had opened up, that had been a different story. Not least was her vai-lith'ik, as her father condescendingly referred to it. Still, T'Risa was tempted to logically decline the opportunity. Counselor Clarze had been the one who had helped T'Risa see the wisdom in taking the promotion.

"I found my time on the Ptolemy enlightening, Captain," T'Risa replied. "To describe the Ptolemy's crew as efficient would be...damning with faint praise, would be the applicable expression."

"That difficult I take it," he said as he leaned back slightly in his chair. "Well they still gave you high praise despite whatever they thought or acted; so tell me T'Risa what is that you want to gain from being on the Sutherland? What are you ultimate goals or visions.?

T'Risa arched her left eyebrow at her new CO's response. She thought she had been lauding her previous crew. Perhaps she mistakenly used the wrong idiom. On the other hand, perhaps he was speaking ironically. She didn't know her new commanding officer well enough to decide. And she definitely didn't know him well enough to speak of her 'vai-lith'ik' to him.

"If my time on the Sutherland is as productive and as informative as my four years were on the Ptolemy," T'Risa replied, "Then it will be...time well spent. As to my ultimate goal, Captain, I am a scientist. Expanding the shared knowledge of the Federation is what I seek."

"Then your time will not only be well spent on the Sutherland but also will be put to excellent use. So tell me are you what I expected to be so far?" he said as he continued to lean slightly backwards in his chair. Most people usually do not think about severing under an old man, but since Starfleet has the right to call up those who have retired back into service; he considered it his duty since he volunteered.

T'Risa thought it an unusual question, for the Captain to inquire her if she had met his expectations. Nonetheless, she would attempt to answer his question satisfactorily.

"If you were expecting a qualified and proficient chief science officer, Captain, then I believe I have met your expectations," she answered.

"Confident and self-assured," he said as he leaned forward resting his arms on the desk in front of him. "Sounds like a Vulcan but also human as well," he said with a slight smirk as he extended his hand to the lieutenant. "I'm glad to have you aboard T'Risa, the Sutherland is going to be home for a while."

T'Risa leaned forward to take the proffered hand, giving a firm handshake in return.

"The Sutherland just received updates to her sensors and also bran new sensor labs and a astrometrics lab as well. Let me or Commander Sumner know if you have any issues; but I am pretty confident that you will be able to handle them."

"I will indeed, Captain," T'Risa said rising to her feet. "If there is nothing else, I will begin reviewing the updates immediately."

"There is nothing else lieutenant," he replied as he placed a hand on the desk and slowly pushed himself up.

T'Risa gave a brief nod to her rising commanding officer before departing his ready room. Her mind had already mapped out the quickest way to the sensor pallets that was going to be the subject of her initial inspection.


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