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Moving Forward

Posted on Tue Jul 9th, 2019 @ 10:28pm by Lieutenant JG Josh Herrick & Lieutenant Finn Herrick

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Starbase 214, Crew Quarters
Timeline: MD 19

Josh sighed as he looked out the window, staring into the endless black ocean filled with specks of light. When he graduated from Starfleet Academy several months ago, he was stationed at Starbase 214. He remembered how excited he felt about his first assignment when he read the orders on the PADD. After four years at the Academy, he was ready to prove himself.

Once a gem of technological innovation, this 105-year old station was considerably showing its wear. With a little crew compliment and the ‘attention’ the station required from its engineers, Josh’s days blurred by fast. He was always forced into finding creative solutions, minimizing the use of what limited resources they had, to solve issues that crept up. He was satisfied with his assignment, and while he didn’t have any complaints, he felt incomplete. It wasn’t enough to be stationary among the stars; he wanted to be on a ship.

Just as he started dreaming about flying around the galaxy, he heard the swoosh of the doors and the familiar footfalls of Finn. They had met at the academy in the first year that Josh joined, with Finn only weeks from graduating. What started out as drinks, late-night chats, and on-going subspace communiques had blossomed into a loving relationship. Finn recently suffered the loss of one of his siblings and had taken it particularly hard. When he was placed on medical leave, return subject undergoing counselling and getting back to a stable state, he came to Starbase 214. Josh was his only surviving family member, and Finn needed someone close as he struggled to work his way through these issues.

They were just about to greet each other when he heard the chirp of his combadge, “Commander Travix to Lieutenant Herrick.”

“Herrick here, go ahead Commander.”

“We’ve received new orders for you, the Sutherland is currently docked with us; you’re being reassigned to her. Please make the appropriate arrangements for yourself and your belongings. We’ve advised them about Lieutenant Finn, and if he’s comfortable, he is welcome to transfer with you and continue his treatment there. Questions?"

“None sir, thank you.”

“Report at 1800 hours. I’ve transferred the orders to you. Travix out.”

Josh and Finn made eye contact, both knowing that a change of scenery was a welcome announcement.


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