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Regulations required and observed

Posted on Tue Aug 6th, 2019 @ 12:38pm by Lieutenant T'Risa & Lieutenant T'Pryss

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD19

That which is customary, but not logical, is often just as compelling.

It was a maxim that T'Risa had learned long ago when dealing with her human relatives and colleagues.

Take the requirement for her to report to sickbay, upon her initial reporting for duty to the Sutherland,

T'Risa had had a thorough "out examination" when she had left the Ptolemy. That had been just a little less than a fortnight ago. No major events had happened between leaving the Ptolemy and reporting to the Sutherland. Logic would seem to dictate that it would be unnecessary for her to report to the Sutherland's sickbay for an actual physical examination by one of the Sutherland's medical officers. In T'Risa's mind, her virtual medical record was all that was required for the ship's sickbay to examine. Only if a question arose would T'Risa's actual physical presence be required. Until then, T'Risa felt her time could be better used organizing her new departmental responsibility.

Regulations required otherwise, though, so the Vulcan Chief Science Officer found herself entering the Sutherland's sickbay to report for her required physical.

She looked up from the PADD she was reading and set it aside as the Vulcan officer entered Sickbay. She approached the other woman with a bright smile on her face. "You must be Lieutenant T'Risa. I'm Dr. Talena Arlin. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"You would be Doctor Arlin," T'Risa responded with a slight nod and tilt of her head. "I have come for my examination."

"Yes, of course," Arlin said. "How have you been feeling recently? Any complaints?"

"None whatsoever, Doctor," T'Risa answered. Looking around, she asked, "Would you like me sitting on a biobed, Doctor?"

"I would, lieutenant. Thank you," Arlin said as she gestured to one of the beds. She walked over to a counter to retrieve a medical tricorder.

The Vulcan science officer perched herself on the indicated biobed and waited patiently.

Arlin began to scan the other woman with the medical tricorder. It made a beeping noise and she frowned slightly and adjusted the controls. Soon, her customary smile had returned and she was putting the device back on the counter. "Congratulations, lieutenant. You're in prime physical condition. Thank you for coming in. I know you recently had a physical."

T'Risa nodded. "I understand the need for you to establish your own parameters concerning the health of the crew, doctor," the Vulcan allowed. "If you no longer require my presence, I shall attend to my duties, and allow you to continue yours."


Lieutenant Talena Arlin


Lieutenant T'Risa


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