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Medical Check-in

Posted on Mon Aug 19th, 2019 @ 7:57pm by Lieutenant Skylar (Sky) Jansen & Lieutenant T'Pryss
Edited on on Tue Aug 20th, 2019 @ 9:30am

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 36

Now they were back aboard ship Skylar made her way to Sickbay to see Lieutenant Arlin. As she walked into Sickbay she smiled politely. "Lieutenant, I owe you an apology for not seeking your help when I cut my hand down on the planet."

"Don't worry too much about it. No one wants to be asking for professional medical help over a scratch but you really should take it seriously. Tricorders only warn us about what they're programmed to warn us about. Sometimes something dangerous isn't obvious until it has an effect and then we have to go back into the tricorder and analyze the raw data. How have you been feeling?" The Bolian woman is almost irrepressibly cheerful and a bright smile never leaves her face as she speaks.

"Strangely good actually." She offered a wry grin. "For me, feeling this good is....unusual. I normally get a lot of headaches, disturbed sleep and feel more tired as a result. At the moment I feel more awake, and no headaches. I don't know if it's due to getting off ship for a while or whether there was more to those plant properties than meet the eye! Main problem is where there's an upside there's generally a downside, but I haven't found one yet."

"Hmmm...Why don't you lie down on the biobed? I want to get some more readings. I might need an actual blood sample." She walks to the biobed controls as she waits for her patient to lie down. "By the way, I prefer doctor to lieutenant in sickbay." She smiled. "Or you can call me Lena, if you'd like."

"In that case Lena it is!" Sky smiled. "Please feel free to call me Sky." She made herself comfortable on the biobed and let Lena do hard work. "So if there is something in my bloodstream then I guess I'm in for a headache and a half when it wears off?"

"Well, let's see," she commented as she studied the biobed readings. "Oxygen saturation in your blood is at 100%. That shouldn't hurt you but you will feel tired and might have a bit of a headache when it comes down. I'd like to do further tests. I'm going to need a sample of blood." She picked up a small device similar to a hypospray. "This shouldn't hurt."

Sky nodded and let Lena do what she needed to do. “Headaches are something I’m used to.”

"I could give you a pill for that but I'd like to know more about this first," she said as she pulled up the other woman's shirtsleeve and pressed the device to her arm. A tube quickly filled with green blood. Lena pulled the device back. Unlike with older, more primitive devices, no puncture was left. "I hadn't expected you to be feeling any effects today."

“Maybe I’m just having an unexpected good day” Sky shrugged her shoulders. “I felt unusually relaxed down on the planet, whether it was something in the air or just me enjoying having been down on a planet I’m not sure. I felt like it before I even cut my hand so who knows.” She smiled warmly.

"That might be mental," Lena said with a sidelong grin. "What would a counselor say?"

“A Counsellor would say it could all be in my mind. Getting off ship and having a chance to get planetside could have been just what I needed, even though it was on a search and not for shoreleave.” Sky offered a smile. “I needed the break, even though I’ve only transferred in from Starfleet Medical.”

"Hopefully we'll take less phaser fire on your next break!" Lena laughed.

“Yeah that would be nice!” Sky couldn’t help but giggle. “So what are the blood test results showing? Anything interesting?”

"I haven't started them yet," Lena explained. "Scanners can only tell you what they're programmed to tell you. They can be fatally flawed dealing with an unknown substance. It's not simply a matter of running your blood through a machine. I have to get it set up in a lab, analyse it directly, test its reaction to other various other compounds...those sorts of tests."

“Oh right, sorry I didn’t realise.” Sky nodded. “In that case would you like me to stay here until you have the results or am I free to carry on?” She looked at the Bolian doctor curiously.

"You should be fine. It's just better to be careful with any new substance. Maybe you've discovered a medical miracle!" She laughs but it fades after a moment. "Just let me know if you have any more symptoms. Before you go, Sky, you should know I've sent Lieutenant Herrick to you. I've told him he can't be cleared to return to duty until you clear him. His symptoms are entirely psychological." She offered another small smile.

“Oh anything in particular I should know about why you’re sending the Lieutenant to see me?” She looked at Lena in a more professional manner now.

"He lost his sister and the grief became severe enough he was unable to perform his duties. He says he blames himself and he made no progress with his last counselor," Lena said. "I told him he might want to start by discussing goals with you. I worry his last counselor might have pushed too hard at trying to eliminate his sense of responsibility for his sister's death."

Sky nodded as she listened taking in what was being said. "Okay in that case I'll make speaking to him a priority. I can only imagine how tortured he must be feeling." She offered a smile as she sat up on the biobed.

"I'm glad you're on the case, Sky. Thank you for coming by.," Lena said.

"No problem Doctor. Give me a call if anything shows up in my blood tests." Sky smiled warmly before heading towards the door.


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