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Just like old times

Posted on Tue Sep 24th, 2019 @ 4:45am by Lieutenant Skylar (Sky) Jansen & Lieutenant Jacen Rendar

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Jacen's Quarters
Timeline: MD37 || 1745 hrs

Recovered from the recent away mission, Jacen had left Operations in the careful hands of his Assistant Chief and decided to take some time in his quarters to relax a little. With the launching of the Sutherland and now the discovery during the away mission, he had a lot to process.

Once he was there, he realised that chief among his thoughts was that he'd found out that Sky Jansen was on board and not just as a visiting officer, but Sutherland's full-time Counselor. This would be a new challenge after how he had pushed himself to get over his feelings for the Betazoid/Romulan woman who he had almost fallen for back on the USS New York.

Having just finished her shift Sky made her way to Jacen's quarters as she hadn't really had time to catch up with him since she'd arrived onboard. Pressing the door chime she waited for an answer before walking inside practically throwing herself at Jacen, giving him a big hug. "Sorry! It's so good to see you again. I missed you!"

Jacen was taken aback a little as Sky threw herself at him in a hug. He made sure he caught her and hugged her back, good and tight. It turned out this was an automatic reaction from him, making the ships Chief Of Operations realise how much he'd missed his friend.

"I missed you too," he admitted as he hugged her. Stepping back for a moment, Jacen had some questions. "It's great to see you aboard, but how long ago did you transfer? I didn't see you on board during the final pre-flight check and the launching ceremony..." he asked.

"I didn't make the ceremony, I wasn't feeling the best when I first arrived." She shrugged her shoulders. "You know me, it takes a while for my senses to adjust to a new environment. I'm sorry I didn't get around to letting you know I was here, I've been trying to work out what to say!" She grinned.

Jacen smiled before stepping back to allow Sky to come into his quarters. He went over to the Replicator and ordered them both some drinks. Once complete, he brought them over to the seating area and put them down on the small coffee table.

"Well, I'd say coming to see me now is a good start," he began. "What happened to you after the New York? I took some shore leave on DS9 before going back on board to get my things thanks to my re-assignment her and I found out you'd been gone for several weeks."

Jacen tried to hide his pain as best he could. He spent quite a while trying to get over his feelings for Sky.

Sky looked at Jacen curiously, she could sense his feelings and the fact he was trying to hide them from her. “I was reassigned to Starfleet Medical, they were a few Counsellor’s down and they needed an Assistant Counsellor, I didn’t have much of a choice.” She sighed. “I’m sorry! If I’d have had a chance to say goodbye I would have but I couldn’t....” She paused. “I couldn’t face...leaving you.”

Jacen could see the pain in Sky's face and it hurt him to see her that way. Starfleet often reassigned its officers at will and whim and without much notice.

"I understand now... I'm sorry too... I felt as if I had done something wrong, as if I had pushed too far or not far enough," he started to explain. "I was bloody lucky to get all of my assignments so far & to find you aboard them as well. I started to feel like we shared something in common together and then finding out you'd gone without saying goodbye made me question why I felt the way I However it applies "

He'd hoped that talking about it would help, but Jacen was struggling a little in saying how he felt. "I came out here to re-focus but now, I don't know how I feel or what I want..."

Sky nodded understandingly. “It wasn’t...isn’t your fault. I never told you how I felt either.” She took a seat and motioned for Jacen to do the same. “Jacen I...I was glad to get away from the ship, it wasn’t just you I had feelings for it was Borel as well. After what happened between Borel and myself I was completely torn, all I know right now is that I’ve missed you very much Jacen and I wish I’d told you how much you mean to me.”

Jacen joined Sky on the sofa after her admission. He felt better as he did and wondered for a moment. "Lets be honest, we've been good friends for so long and we get along with each other really well. That much is clear," he explained, allowing his thought process to work out loud. "We're both on a new assignment that we are settling into at the same time, which already has its challenges."

Turning to face her, Jacen looked into Sky's eyes to show he was serious. Knowing already of her Betazoid/Romulan heritage, he also knew she would be able to pickup on his feelings as well. "Let's start from scratch and rebuild our friendship, we both know how each other well and this offers an ideal starting point. What do you think?" he asked.

Sky nodded. “I think I’d like that.” She gently raised a hand letting it brush against his cheek. “I promise you no more hiding my feelings.” She smiled warmly.

Jacen smiled gently after she stroked his face. "No more hiding and no more secrets either, for both of us," he said gently. "Let's see how this goes."

Sky nodded in return. “I’d like that, very much indeed.” She smiled the biggest smile yet.

Jacen thought for a moment. "Tell you what, how about we have a meal together...dinner...breakfast...whatever you fancy and that way we can take some time to talk about things and also make headway on where we go from here," he offered to her. Jacen also admitted that it would give him a chance to spend more time with Sky as well.

Sky nodded enthusiastically. "Now there's a plan! How's about dinner tonight? We can have a talk and see how it goes from there?"

Jacen smiled. "Sounds like a deal. I'll meet you here, at 2000 hours. Dinner is on me, ok?" Knowing that they would get a chance to talk again seemed to ease the former tension in the room and it seemed that there was hope for them both from here on.

"I'll look forward to it Jacen." Sky grinned.

"Excellent, that's a plan, now if you don't mind, I need to make sure I can get this place ready to be presentable and also make myself presentable for this evening's dinner," he explained with a slight chuckle, knowing that he was up to a difficult task.


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