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Restored Faith Pt. 2

Posted on Tue Sep 17th, 2019 @ 10:00am by Lieutenant Skylar (Sky) Jansen & Captain James Tyson Sr. & Lieutenant Liam Holt & Lieutenant Jacen Rendar & Lieutenant T'Risa & Lieutenant T'Pryss
Edited on on Tue Sep 24th, 2019 @ 4:32am

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Unknown planet
Timeline: MD35

After a five mile hike, the away team and their guides plunged through the open fields and tall grass, it was apparent that at one point in time on this planet there was an ancient race that appears to have long ago been wiped away from existence, their old buildings remained in this far off distance; slowly decaying and crumbling due to the elements and time.

As the away team group appeared their were 8 old style escape pods in this distance. Their paint long ago tarnished and faded by the ravages of time, but you could see the Starfleet emblem on one of them, and the Federation logo on the other. Edward recognized these escape pods the moment he saw them, it had been years since he saw this particular kind of configuration. At least fifty years since Starfleet changed up how they were going to look.

"Wow, I haven't seen these type of escape pods in years," replied Edward as he whistled and looked upon in amazement. As the guides finally stopped in the center of what looked like a small network of shops and towns and buildings and power generators, he was simply amazed. As the away team finally stopped in the center of town, Edward noticed a small crowd slowly starting to form; what appeared to be a mixture of humans, Vulcans, and even a few Andorians as well.

As the landing party approached the crowd, T'Risa pulled her hair back, ensuring that the point on her ears was clearly visible.

Sky noticed T'Risa revealing her ears obviously as a gesture towards the Vulcans present amongst the colonists but she chose to keep her own ears covered. There was no way to know how these people would feel about having a half Romulan in their midst, she had come across those who hadn't appreciated her presence before. Distrust wasn't a pleasant feeling.

Lena had treated the man who had fallen back at the original confrontation and now walked with the small group. She noted T'Risa revealing her ears and Sky choosing not to do so but she could hardly hide what she was even if she wished it. At least not easily.

"Definitely not a small colony then it seems." Andrea stated putting her hands on her hips. "Looks like this place is more than meets the eye."

As the crowd continued the grow the look of shock and surprise were on the faces of many of the people gathered. Edward couldn't even start the guess at the number that was gathering but it appeared to be around fifty if not more.

As they approached the town center a Vulcan looking around the age of thirty five to four years of age stepped from among the crowd wearing what appeared to be a old red uniform. Five other Vulcan's joined it appeared to be three female and three males, as they approached the paused and gave their customary Vulcan salute and which Edward replied back giving a brief nod. According to the uniform clothing the Vulcan's were wearing old style uniforms which appeared to be styled around the late 23rd to early 24th century.

When Edward wore them they did not have the turtle necks like these did. "My name is Captain James Edward Tyson of the USS Sutherland," he said as he stepped forward extending his hand out. The Vulcan broke his traditional non emotional greeting and simply embraced the captain with a strong hug. Edward was taken back as he had never in his life time met an emotional Vulcan, who released him and returned back to his non-traditional state. "My apologizes captain, I never thought that I would see another face from the Federation again. My name is Lieutenant Commander Sturek, former Chief Navigation Officer from the USS Columbia, which was lost more than 80 years ago."

"80 years!" Sky gave Edward an apologetic look for speaking aloud during his introductions. "My apologies, I can only imagine how hard it must have been being stranded here."

"For generations," Lena added as she glanced over at Sky. "You've managed to survive here." She was stating the obvious but she was still struck by it. This community of three of the four founding Federation species had managed to survive on this world without supplies or contact with the outside world for eight decades.

"They must have gone down here during the initial push to explore this region." Andrea stated. "I believe the Columbia they mention is missing in action, much like her older NX Predecessor."

Jacen recalled his starship class history, something he took pride in during his time at the academy as well as following up with the newer classes in the fleet. "It seems the name Columbia upholds its unlucky tradition, however these people have managed to survive, despite what's left," he noted.

"Like the Federation, several have tried to dim our lights, but we have always prevailed," Andrea commented.

"What in the world happened?" inquired Edward as he stood their nearly about to topple over after the sudden reveal.

"We had been assigned to this region of space back in 2304, and we were attached to Starbase 214. Our mission was to resupply the Panthera colony and the Starbase, and afterwards, we were tasked with the scientific exploration of the region. We were sending monthly reports to the Starbase 214, and we had picked up what appeared to be power readings from a system about fifteen light-years from our position. While we were moving to investigate the area we suddenly came under attack, the Captain and First Officer were killed in the first wave; I took control of the bridge and we fought back and managed to destroy one of the vessels. A second ship suddenly appeared out of nowhere, we managed to destroy that vessel as well, but the shockwave from the second ships caused a warp core breach. A third ship appeared and started firing on us, I ordered a general evacuation. My life pod had myself and 2 others...and seven other life pods with a total of 32 people. We limped through space for nearly two weeks, before we found this planetary system. We managed to land and surprisingly our Chief Engineer survived and made it on to one of the life pods. We lost 10 of the original 32 to injuries, but Lieutenant V'Nal here," he said as he indicated by swinging and open hand in her direction. "Is a medical doctor and she helped most of us to recovery."

The young man who had encountered the away team earlier stepped forward "My father was the Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Charlies Graves; he tied in the life pods together and created and built what we see before us. Are you here to take us back to Earth?"

Skylar looked at the Captain, as Counsellor it was her job to help with the situation and be the Captain's advisor where needed. "To be honest....we didn't even know you were here until now." She looked at Tyson waiting to see what he'd have to say about what would happen now.

Liam remained quiet, the whole situation seemed a bit off but that was often part of the job with Starfleet. "Sir if there is no longer a direct threat we should move the runabout closer."

Jacen nodded in agreement. "Having the Runabout nearby would also give us the chance to offer assistance to these good people," he said. "At least, an up to date offer of assistance "

"Agreed, Liam; send the runabout our coordinates and have it land nearby our location."

The pilot used the PADD like controller from a pocket to order the automated flight system to kick in and remote controlled the runabout to their area.

"We should be careful about getting these people's hopes up, the Sutherland probably isn't the best bet to get these people back to the Federation, a more dedicated specialized mission ship would be recommended, and no idea when Command would dispatch one." Andrea commented.

When Commander Sumner pointed out her concern, Jacen decided to think for a moment. "What about one of the other starships that were on patrol in the area, a part of the taskforce that was assembled together to explore the area with us?" he offered. "Surely one of those could assist these people?" Whilst he understood that the crew of the Columbia had been stranded here for a long time, he could also see the idea of helping them out as well.

Sky listened to everything that's was being said before speaking up. "Has anyone stopped to think that perhaps there are those amongst the people here who might actually want to stay here? As strange at it sounds there are probably people here who've made good homes for themselves and may wish to stay with some extra assistance from Starfleet."

"Even if they want to stay, we can provide them additional support and materials to make their lives a bit easier. Make sure they get medical support they need." Liam added.

"Still going to need a considerable time investment, that Command may not want to use one of the ships in the area, as we will have to bring these people up to speed, as the Federation isn't the Federation they left, hell it isn't the Federation it was before the Dominion War, or the destruction of Romulus." Andrea commented. "But that all being said worth forwarding up the chain."

"Before we are able to address further questions I want to ask about the subspace distortion that our sensors picked up while travelling into this system? Also, the ruins seemed to be pretty ancient," asked Edward as he spoke to the Vulcan leader.

"Truthfully we do not know what causes it, somehow every so often it strengthens and weakens on its on. As far as the ancient ruins on this planet, we found out that they do date back at least 1400 years ago; and we are also thinking that the subspace distortion was created by that particular alien species. While we were moving through space, we figured that in order to remain hidden this would be the best place to hide; until Starfleet arrived," replied Sturek.

"Looks like you hid a little too well, our chief science officer Lieutenant T'Risa picked up a low power frequency which is how we were able to find you; normally most ships that moved through this area focused on the subspace distortion but not on the signature," replied Edward. "There are a lot of questions that I have for you, how involved was Starfleet in this area of space 84 years ago?"

"Extensively, our ship was the first ship of five vessels which were tasked with developing this region of space. We specifically were cataloguing call spacial anomalies and other stellar planetary systems. Why do you ask captain?"

"I am asking because there are quite a few holes in our records database that need to be filled and corrected Commander Sturek. As far as taking you back to the Federation, we do not have a problem doing so; however, we can speak about that in..." said Edward before the Vulcan held up a hand gesture which cut Edward off in mid-stream.

"As far as going back to the Federation I can speak to everyone here in that we are ready to go back home captain, and most of those who are the decedents of former officers here want to meet up with their families back on Earth as well. I do know that you were not expecting to find a minor colony such as this one, but we built this," he said as he motioned to all of it around them. "just to survive knowing that one day we would be rescued."

Edward paused for a moment and let out a deep breath and nodded his head. "Very well, in the meantime what I wish to do is this; temporarily beam you all up for medical examination, and also let us get in contact with Starfleet Command to see if we can arrange a transport to get you back to Federation space."

"Very well captain, and thank you" replied the Vulcan commander. Edward gave a brief smile as he walked over to his away team. "Well, obviously they have been wanting off this planet for quite sometime now. I'll have to speak with Starfleet Command as to what they want us to do, but I am very surprised that Starfleet in one point was extremely active in the area and then all of a sudden nothing; no explanation or anything as to why they abandoned the area. Jacen, when the runabout arrives, set up the transport enhancers and Andrea I want you to transfer back to the Sutherland and send a message to Starfleet Command about what we have found. T'Risa and Liam we might be here for a few days before we hear a response from Starfleet Command; look into this Subspace distortion that we picked up earlier, I want to know what happened to the former occupants of this planet. Doctor Arlin and Counselor Jansen we need to do a full medical check up on these people mentally and physically, if you want to do it here on the planet or on the Sutherland above that is not a problem with me. Any other questions?"

Sky shook her head. "No Sir" She looked to Arlin. "I'll be happy to conduct evaluations here if it makes it easier. How about you doctor?"

"Of Course Captain." Andrea nodded as she looked around the planet. If nothing else it was peaceful.

"Aye Captain," Jacen responded, "Once the transport enhancers are online, do you need me to assist with duties down here? I am also concerned about any repairs/maintenance that the Sutherland may need whilst in the area," he advised.

"The Tiber is 30 seconds out." Liam said consulting his PADD and seeing the runabout slowly approaching about 50 meters up.

"Coordinate with Commander Tiesen back on the Sutherland and whatever needs to be done I know that you and her team will get it done. Anything else anyone?"

"Tiber is landed," Liam said, "We can get the enhancers set up and begin beaming up those who need medical attention. Sir, with your permission I'd like to return to the Sutherland and have the Wing begin some more in-depth scans of the plant."

Once the Runabout had landed, Jacen headed over to the small ship and began unloading the cargo of Transport Enhancers that it held aboard. Despite the long walk to the settlement, he felt good that he was getting back to doing some good old grunt work. He retrieved all of the enhancers and once settled, pulled out his tricorder to check the map of the area.

"We need to put the enhancers, here, here and here," he said, as he pointed to three small areas located nearby. "This small area with the Enhancers engaged will have the best effect for beaming up the colonists," he explained to Liam. Once agreed, Jacen started working on getting the enhancers setup in the nearby target areas.

"With your permission Captain, I will beam up with the first group, and get Headquarters on the line." Andrea commented.

"Not a problem Commander, I will join with you shortly; I'm going to have a talk with Commander Sturek and find out more information, on what happened to the Columbia."

Looking around Sky could only wonder what mammoth task she would have going through those on the surface to assess them. She was even considering group assessments for families to save time but she'd have to see how it all worked out.

With the permission from the Captain Liam joined one of the first groups and dematerialized.

Once the Transport Enhancers were online and running to specs, Jacen made sure that the systems on the runabout were monitoring for any issues. Once he was happy, Jacen beamed back up to the Sutherland to begin on seeing what repairs the Nebula Class vessel needed.

"Commander Sturek if you have somewhere we can speak privately and with the other crew-members of the Columbia, I want to find out what happened to you guys," the Vulcan commander gave a nodded and ushered Captain Tyson in the direction of what appeared to be either his home or his building.


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