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Posted on Sun Dec 1st, 2019 @ 7:57am by Lieutenant Jacen Rendar & Lieutenant Commander J'Ela Teisen

Mission: Echos in the Dark
Location: Science Lab 2
Timeline: MD38

J'Ela's bad habit of walking briskly through the corridors always has had strange repercussions. Some good and others were disastrous, others just plain crazy. Today was no exception but maybe the fates had given her the chance to make a good choice in life.

Engineering had gotten a bit hectic as diagnostics were being performed and noisy. J'Ela took off down the corridor walking briskly as usual, mind deep in thought, and of course not watching where she was headed, she took the corner to fast and ploughed right into Lt. Rendar.

Walking along with a PADD in hand, reading up on the various tasks that he needed to complete now back on board the Sutherland and having had a good nights sleep, Jacen was semi-aware of his surroundings, making sure he managed to avoid crew members going about their business.

However after a quick glance up before he rounded the next corner, the Operations Chief focused on a report that updated. As he rounded the corner in the corridor, Jacen found himself flying backwards and fell on the deck. To his complete surprise, he saw Commander Teisen opposite.

Landing on her ass, "Fek'lar, oh I am so sorry Lieutenant........", she said quickly. "I did it again I see, taking the bloody corner too fast. Please forgive me, sir," J'Ela pleaded turning three shades of red, which on a Klingon looks pretty funny.

Jacen was quite surprised by the sudden turn of events but understood that these things happened. "Not at all Commander, we're all working hard so there's no harm done," he explained. "These things happen. Are you ok?"

"Except for my pride", rubbing her butt, "Yes I think so. Question is are you, ok Lieutenant? We collided very hard", J'Ela said smiling. She sensed his honesty in his words and she smiled coyly.

Jacen smiled as he helped the Commander up off the deck. "Oh I'll be fine, I've had worse impacts to deal with before now," he said with a slight chuckle. "Its amazing how many bumps and bruises you can survive during combat." He picked up his PADD before looking back at her.

"Is there anything I can assist you with? You seemed in quite the rush," he noticed.

"Well...maybe....see I was going to construct a type of containment unit to hold backup gel packs and for that, I will have to have a certain amount of power allocated constantly to the unit. I want it to be self-contained so nothing can contaminate them. Think we could collaborate on it", J'Ela asked.

Jacen smiled as he responded. "An Engineering challenge? Sounds like fun to me." He started pulling up some specs on his PADD as other crew members went about their business. "I think we could work up something that could hold the gel packs and also give them the constant power supply they needed at the same time..."

Then he looked around, realising that they were in a corridor. "Shall we go somewhere we can work in some peace and also reduce the risk of running into other people on the deck?" He offered.

"Definitely a good idea. I think better we go where it is quieter and more brainstorming can get done better", J'Ela said nodding in agreement.

Looking around and taking stock of where they were, Jacen had an idea. "We're pretty close to one of the labs that haven't been used yet since the refit before we left the dock," he suggested. "That will give us some time to get some understanding of your idea and hopefully not knock anyone else over," he suggested, guiding the Klingon officer in the right direction towards the nearest Science Lab.

Once they arrived, Jacen powered up the various consoles and ran a quick diagnostic check on them to make sure that they were up to specs and ready for use. Once he was happy, he looked across at J'Ela. "So, tell me more about this idea you have and how I can help," he offered.

"Well.....first the containment unit has to be constructed but the question is the power allotment. Being as how it would be a self-contained unit, I would need a constant power feed. If for some reason power was diverted in an emergency, it would be a disaster, so the power would need to be uninterrupted regardless. Also, the security of the power flow would have to have certain security protocols to ensure that the unit can not be contaminated. One contaminated gel pack will shut down the ship. A domino effect to be sure", J'Ela said.

Jacen nodded as he listened to her idea and took on board the complexities of it. What she was asking for wasn't too difficult to do, but would require some work. He thought for a moment before drawing up the schematics of the Sutherland on a nearby screen and moved a little closer to J'Ela as he explained the idea he had.

"So, what you want to do is easy, I can have an isolated power flow from the Warp Core lead through the main power distribution buffers and send a direct power line to where your containment unit is located. I can also make sure that it's tied into the Auxiliary Power mains as a secondary line of power distribution so that should power be re-routed, the containment unit isn't affected," he explained, leaning a little closer to her as he drew several lines across the screen before them to explain his ideas.

"With regards to the security protocols, we can make sure that the containment unit receives power from only specific places from the ship through specific lines as I've pointed out," he offered, looking up from the screen and catching her eyes. Jacen was suddenly struck for a moment as he stared at them before carrying on.

So, erm... what do you er... think?" he asked.

J'Ela's eyes caught him and locked for a split second. In that second she saw a kind and compassionate man. In addition, she saw a type of strength that most men don't have, loyalty. "Well.....that sounds wonderful and very intriguing. I would have thought a direct line dedicated only for the unit would suffice", she added.

Jacen smiled as he re-affirmed his reasoning. "If that primary line fails in combat or due to a failure, the containment unit loses power," he said. "This way, should the primary fail, the secondary kicks in..."

Jacen magnified the route for both powerlines to back up his argument. "This guarantees that the containment unit gets the power it requires and you get what you need," he pointed out, catching her eyes again. He found them striking.

"Ah yes, I see your reasoning. Clever....", J'Ela said. Then suddenly, "Would you care to join me for brunch?", she asked Jacen. Why she said that could only be described as a reflex action to what her previous thought was. J'Ela was not known to socialize quickly with fellow officers unless she felt comfortable in their presence. Yet Jacen made her feel comfortable when she was around him.

Jacen was glad that she could see his thinking and why it made sense, however her offer of Brunch caught him off guard somewhat. "Erm Brunch?" he asked in answering back. He thought for a moment and decided, why the hell not. "Erm, ok, I could go for fact, it would make for a break after the recent away mission and my work with the away teams," he admitted.

"Fine then, lets get to the lounge. I am famished!", J'Ela said chuckling.

Jacen smiled as she agreed to his offer. "Excellent!" he answered. Loggin off his console, Jacen stood ready to escort J'Ela to the lounge in a gentlemanly style. "So, what do Klingons eat for Brunch?" he asked.

"Basically we eat anything we want. I can get you something fancy or something that you would like. Maybe a hamburger and fries or perhaps a Betazoid dish?" J'Ela said taking his arm as they entered the lounge.

"Now that sounds like a plan..." Jacen agreed.


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