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People and Things

Posted on Fri Sep 20th, 2019 @ 12:28pm by Lieutenant Skylar (Sky) Jansen & Lieutenant Borel Ellis
Edited on on Tue Sep 24th, 2019 @ 4:34am

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Jansen's Office
Timeline: MD38

Ellis had been on the Sutherland since the launch of her most recent mission, part of the bolstered SO Department starfleet had staffed up giving the mission profile. The Lieutenant had been tasked with the review of the physical site set up on the planet and had concluded his review and was now working on the report to the Captain. It also meant working with a familiar face. He pressed the door chime and waited for a response.

Sky looked up as her door chime rang and called whoever it was to enter. As the door opened her eyes widened with surprise as she saw Borel walk inside. "Borel?" Her smile beamed. "I had no idea you were onboard this ship."

The Bajoran smirked, "Way to stay on top of things Sky." He laughed and entered her office, dropping into one of the chairs in front of her desk. "The Captain wants us to brief him on the status of the colony, I've finished my review of their physical infrastructure and figured we should put our reports together before the briefing."

Sky was still in shock at seeing Borel, shaking off the surprise she nodded. "Yes...err of course!" She looked for her PADD and picked it up. "I'm happy that those who want to leave this colony are psychologically prepared for the upheaval." She smiled as she sat down near Borel. "I've missed you Borel."

He laughed. "I guess I've missed you too." He said with a wink, the two had served together aboard the Lexington several years back. They had been friendly and had ended up waking up in the same bed during shore leave once. "So Chief Shrink, congratulations are in order I guess."

"Thanks!" Sky smiled warmly. "I was offered it so I thought why not!" She gave him a thoughtful look. "Have you...ever thought about that night on the Lexington?" She must admit she didn't have much of a recollection of it just flashes thanks to the alcohol she consumed.

The Bajoran laughed, "As I recall everyone seemed to find out about it pretty damn fast, and they all thought it was amusing." He started, "You leaving my quarters at 0600 probably gave most of it away. I didn't have any complaints."

Sky smiled warmly. "From what I remember of it, neither did I." Her smile faded a little. "I'm sorry I didn't get much chance to really say goodbye before I left. I did mean to but one thing lead to another and I ran out of time!" She shrugged her shoulders. "A message seemed a poor substitute at the time." She turned back to her desk to tidy up the pile of PADDs she'd left in a mess, there was a question she needed answered but wasn't quite sure how Borel would take it. " you think that night might have turned into something more serious if I hadn't been reassigned?"

"Who knows." Borel replied, "I don't know if I was really looking for something all that serious at the time." He replied, "Anyway, why don't we get this work out of the way and we can reminisce somewhere where I don't feel like i'm getting psychoanalyzed."

Sky smiled and nodded. "Sure why not. What have you got?" She took a seat beside him.

"So the review of their infrastructure is impressive, there's potential that it could serve as a decent starting point for a proper colony. I've completed the assessments and basically the rest will depend on our tactical analysis of the region. What about their mental health?" He asked the counsellor

"Well some of them are finding it difficult that their colony could be split up. There are those who want to leave, those who don't and some don't know where they stand at the moment." She sighed. "To be honest I couldn't imagine being in their place, everything they've gone through to build what they have, just to have us turn up. It must be a nightmare for some and a blessing for others." She smiled as she looked at Borel, she'd missed his company and she was coming to realise that perhaps her old feelings weren't that buried.

"Is there any reason to think they would have to be removed right away?" Ellis asked, "If we can ask starfleet to dispatch a support ship that can take up position and orbit and provide support then they should be able to take some time to consider their options. Those who want to leave could begin to make the arrangements while those who stay would have support. I'm sure once word spreads there will be potential new colonist to join them as well."

Sky nodded. "Actually that's a very good idea, it would be easier on the colonists to have some time to consider their options but it all depends if Starfleet has a support ship they can send here."

He nodded, "My formal request is that Starfleet assign two vessels, a smaller support ship to basically be a permanent orbital facility for at least the next year, and a larger ship to do support runs, bring in supplies and colonist if available, ands transport out those who decide to leave. I think it would also be good for them to not feel abandon as soon as the Sutherland breaks orbit like no one will come back for them." He replied.

Sky nodded. "Let's just hope they have the ship's available. If they don't then these people could be waiting a long time. I might suggest to the Captain that we travel back this way another time just to see how things are progressing with the colonists."

Ellis nodded, "They better be able to find a ship," He said, one of the most annoying things he had found during his time in Starfleet was the simple logical response that didn't happen because some Admiral didn't like being told what to do and thought they knew better than everyone else. "Most of the provisions they're requesting are supply based and while it will be to Ops to sign off it I haven't seen any requests that are unreasonable."

"Is there anything already aboard that we can spare for them until other supplies arrive?" Sky made a note on her own PADD to check the list of necessary supplies that might be required.

"We should be able to spare most of what they're requesting, but that isn't my call to make." Ellis replied.

"We'll have to see what Captain Tyson has to say." She offered a smile. "I'm due to present him with my findings anyway so that would be as good a time as any for him to go over the suggestions and approve what he thinks is best."

Borel nodded, "Well I think we're good to go then." He said smiling.

“In that case we just need to get all these brilliant ideas up infront of the Captain.” Sky smiled warmly.

He nodded and got this feet.


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