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Posted on Fri Sep 20th, 2019 @ 12:29pm by Lieutenant Liam Holt

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Orbit
Timeline: After "Restored Faith Pt II"

Liam's fighter was sluggish, expected given there was a sensor pod mounted under each wing and he was operating in the upper atmosphere. His wingwoman on the operations, Ensign Coulhaan, was doing a lower pass over the actually colony site. The two fighters collecting improved topographical mapping data as well as aerial scans of the site. "Anything interesting down there?" He asked over the open comm channel.

"Not really, then again I'm a pilot not a colonist." The voice replied. "But I did see some pretty good looking swells off the east coast of the southern continent on our approach. Think you can convince the Captain to give us some shorelave while we're here?"

"Not sure a surf vacation is the top priorities right now Ensign." Liam replied with a laugh, he had to admit most of what he'd seen from the planet was quite appealing, it wouldn't be a bad place to take a few days break before returning to the mission.

"I've finished up my scans and returning to an altitude of one-two kilometers." She replied and within a few moments he could see her come into view ahead of him.

"Alright let's do one more loop over the continent and then we'll break formation and do a pair of circumpolar passes before we return to the ship. I'll take the south pole, you can take the north." Liam order.

"Copy that Boss." She said, the two fighters rose in altitude and completed another round of scans before breaking and heading in opposite polar directions. The south pole had a small ice cap, but appeared to lack much of a solid land mass, the northern pole appeared to be a huge archipelago of small islands, covered by an ice sheet.

After the scans the two broke orbit and returned to the flight deck, touching down the two birds were quickly swarmed by flight crews who set about first removing the large sensor pods and then the usual post flight checks and maintenance. "Once all the data is pulled, send it up to the bridge." The Lieutenant said to the deck chief who nodded.

Liam headed towards the lockers looking forward to a hot shower and something to eat after the long day.


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