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Can you hear me?

Posted on Fri May 1st, 2020 @ 11:29am by Captain James Tyson Sr. & Lieutenant Commander J'Ela Teisen & Lieutenant Jacen Rendar & Lieutenant T'Pryss & Lieutenant Skylar (Sky) Jansen

Mission: Echos in the Dark
Location: USS Sutherland: Bridge
Timeline: Time JUMP

"Captain's log supplemental. It has been nearly a week since we departed the New Columbia Settlement, and since then it has been quiet; except for the science department which has been running non-stop in studying this region of space. It has been years since I was on an exploration mission to where we are the sole vessel to explore a region in detail. Correction, not the sole vessel but the only Starfleet vessel within reach for a while. Computer end log."

[Bridge/Alpha Shift]

James sat in the command chair on the bridge with a data PADD in his hand; he took it upon himself to read the latest scientific data that the science department had gathered and processed so far on the region. What was being produced was very much promising, so far the sensor probes were detecting mineral-rich worlds which the Federation could profit from; and also a couple of M class worlds that seemed excellent in producing additional settlements and perhaps colonies in the region. One particular system that he was looking at was a Binary star system that contained ten planets the first three planets were separated by a dense Asteroid filed and then the next four planets were also separated by an Asteroid field. The sensor readings were showing that the minerals on the planet were in limited supply: but the asteroid fields held massive deposits of what appears to be Dilithium and other mineral deposits. "It appears the Federation has discovered a gold mine," he said to himself while reading the report.

Sky had been in her office catching up on her Counselling duties while it was quiet. She'd managed to get through some of the quicker appointments and assessments but she still had more to do, for now she needed a break and to stretch her legs so she headed to the bridge to present the Captain with her report.

As she arrived on the bridge Sky smiled as she walked across to Tyson. "Captain" She presented her report for when he was able to read it. "I've been catching up, I've got through a fair few of the evaluations but I've still got more to do as you'll see."

"I appreciate that Sky," he said as he held his thumb down on the padd and slowly started scrolling down the lists. "So far what are your recommendations in regards to the evaluations thus far?" he asked her.

" be honest I've not had a great deal to worry about so far. Those I've talked to have had more in the way of concerns about being part of a new crew. It's obviously something we all have to get used to and I think once the crew have gotten used to each other those concerns will start to fade.

Liam was at the helm, and the pilot was getting tired, science was important but tedious. He meant a mental note to schedule himself in the training rotation for tomorrow.

Jacen was seated at the Operations station, monitoring the various power requirements that the Science Department kept demanding from the ship. Whilst there was plenty of power to spare on a ship the size of the Sutherland, Jacen was also conscious that she was the only Starfleet vessel out here and as such, power needed to be used sparingly where possible on the Nebula Class vessel.

He ran checks on the various power flow systems to make sure that they weren't being overused or overloaded in any way and also kept an eye on the performance of the various sensor suites that the Sutherland was equipped with. After leaving the New Columbia colony, things seemed quiet for a while and there was no harm in that every now and then.

The door to the turbolift opened once more and Dr. T'Pryss stepped out. She had a PADD in her hand and moved with her usual no-nonsense striude. "I have my report, captain. The crew's health is good overall." There was a brief nod and she glanced at Sky.

Sky smiled warmly at the Vulcan Doctor. “It all seems a little...too quiet at the moment doesn’t it?” She grinned. “There’s that air of it being too good to be true!”

"I agree, I've come to expect quiet on exploration missions; but as of late it would appear that you are correct Sky, it does seem a bit quiet," he stated as he listened closely to the doctor's report. "That's good to hear doctor, I know deep exploration missions can produce fatigue and boredom, well boredom for us at least," he added.

"That is true," T'Pryss acknowledged. "The problem was, however, much more severe prior to the invention of the holodeck."

J'Ela rode the lift to the bridge quietly. When the doors opened she could sense just how quiet the bridge was as she walked onto the bridge. "Wow not only can you hear a pin drop here, but on the bridge too", she said. Walking to her engineering station, "Good morning all. I hope everything is ok with you all. Captain Tyson engineering is running smoothly and this quiet time makes me wonder how long it will last," J'Ela said looking around at everyone and smiling.

Sky smiled as she looked at J’Ela. “It all seems...too quiet!” She frowned. “I hate it when it’s like this, it’s like the calm before the storm!”

"Will someone please find some wood to knock on, otherwise something bad will happen bloody quickly!" said Jacen as he stood up from the Operations station and started to walk around the bridge, intently looking for something that resembled wood. Once he found a spot near the rear of the Bridge, he tapped on it quickly.

"Now that, that is over with... If anyone wants to cure the boredom for a while, we could always play 'I Spy'" he offered.

"I spy with my little eye, something dark" replied Edward with a slight laugh.

Just as he returned back to the Ops station, the console started to beep with an alert. "See, I told you so..." he said as he checked the information on his console. "Captain, sensors are picking up on a comm beacon sending out a signal... it's very faint and distant," he reported.

Checking on the signal data at this long-range with the sensors didn't help to enhance Jace's findings. "Captain, further to my findings, I'm trying to understand and read what the signal data is coming from the beacon, however, it's very heavily garbled and the signal data has degraded so far."

"There goes the peace and quiet! Fek'lar!", J'Ela said entering commands on her engineering panel.

"Jacen, pinpoint the coordinates of the beacon and send them to the helm," replied Edward as he sat up a bit in his chair.

Jacen worked on his console as he used the various Sensor suites on the Nebula Class starship to try and pinpoint an exact location. after a few moments, he managed to get the location. "Coordinates locked in and sent over to the helm, sir," he reported.

"Coordinates are locked in captain," replied the young helmsman.

"Change course to those coordinates and increase our speed to warp 8," Edward ordered.

"I got a bad feeling creeping up my spine and I don't like it, not one damn bit. Captain, I strongly advise caution. I have learned from experience never to ignore my gut feeling," J'Ela said.

"Now that has to be the best piece of advice I've heard so far today," Jacen said, looking over at J'Ela and smiling. He was developing more and more feelings for his colleague and there were times that she came out as some gems of advice recently.

"Whatever it is we can deal with it," replied Edward.

"Course changed captain, ETA is 3 hrs sir," replied the helmsman.

[3 Hour time jump]

"Status report?" replied Edward as he himself was wondering what in the world was going on.

Jacen checked the readings he was monitoring from the sensors. "We're closing on the position of the signal, Captain. I'm starting to get an exact location and the sensors are now picking up more data from the source of the signal itself," he reported back.

"Unfortunately, the signal data is still degraded but the exact location of the comm beacon has been sent to the Helm. I recommend we drop out of warp and proceed carefully. The fact that I can't seem to clear through the data is worrying me somewhat, but I'll keep on it."

"Not to sure I wanna know but there is something funny about that signal degradation. It is almost as if it was planned or they wanted the programmed to degrade. Looking at its pattern and from what Jac.....excuse please Lt. Rendar is saying, maybe we should go to yellow alert. Better safe than sorry", J'Ela said.

"I tend to agree" Sky had sat quiet concerned about the signal and where it could be coming from. "For all we know this could be an elaborate booby trap to lure in ships in the area."

"Helm, bring out us out of warp," replied Edward as he let out a deep breath listening to everyone's suggestions. On the viewscreen, the white streaks suddenly slowed and became multi-coloured streaks and when the Sutherland had finally dropped out of warp they returned to the small white dots in which they were showing as stars in the background. Edward stood up when he saw the image of something in the distance. "Jace, zero in on that image and magnify and then pipe the transmission through the speakers," he ordered.

"On it," Jacen replied as he started working on the image now that the Sutherland was closer to its destination. He managed to clear up the image and also saw that the sensors had picked up on a starship name and registry number. "Captain, It's an escape pod, it seems to be from the USS Columbia. Starfleet records show that it was one of the older Excelsior class refit starships."

Edward saw what appeared to be an escape pod that resembled the one from the USS Columbia, and as he listened in closer to the transmission it was in the form of old Earth-style Morse Code. He had served as a boy scout in his earlier days and he actually studied different forms of communication when he was back at the academy. "That's Morse Code," he said as he listened in closely. "It's an SOS signal... three short followed by three long and then three short, and that escape pod appears to be from the Columbia;" he said as he walked along the bridge. "I wonder, Jacen I want a sensor sweep of the area and see if you find any debris nearby.

Already working on the sensor's once more, Jacen soon zeroed in on some familiar readings and recognized the results. He felt a drop in his gut as he reported his findings.

"Captain, I've located some starship wreckage, it's the USS Columbia herself. It looks like she met her end out here," Jacen said, carefully.

"Excelsior-class....out here? The Colombia....morse code......thats ancient communications. Fek'lar how the hell......more importantly why the hell is she doing out here?" J'Ela asked.

"We've been travelling at warp 6 for a few days now, the life pods we found back on the planet were from the Columbia. They must have limped through space for a long time," he stated as he sat up in his chair. "What's more interesting is the emergency frequency is still active after eighty-five years," he stated as he wondered more and more about this growing paradox.

"Helm pull us alongside the Columbia wreckage. J'Ela I want you and Jacen and T'Pryss to beam over to the Columbia and see if we can get her somewhat powered back up. I want that computer data that explains what happened to her. Also, I want any bodies that are on board that ship to be tagged and brought back on the Sutherland, they deserve a proper funeral than what they have now, " Edward stated.

As the Captain gave his orders, Jacen moved to one of the wall panels and selected an Engineering kit. He also picked up a spare Data node to capture the information from the Columbia. He looked at J'Ela as he headed to the turbolift.

“Be careful over there!” Sky looked towards Jacen and offered a smile. “Who knows what dangers there might be.”

"Don't worry, I will bring them both home", J'Ela said sliding her d'tagh into its sheath. Walking to the lift she waited for T'Pryss to follow. "Going down?", she said chuckling inside the lift.

T'Pryss followed J'Ela into the turbolift. "I have to retrieve a medkit from Sickbay. I'll meet you in the transporter room."

On the bridge Sky was walking around, a frown on her face. She’d been sensing something but it was just on the fringes of senses. Letting her mental ‘barriers’ down she gasped as she sensed what could only be described as physic echo. Whoever had left it seemed to have been in a complete state of disbelief. “Captain!” She took a deep breath. “I don’t think they know what happened! Whatever did this ... it came out of nowhere!!”

"How so counselor?" he said with a puzzled look on his face. The fact that this ship was destroyed eighty five years ago, and that no one on this ship wasn't even thought off at the time.

Sky took a moment to snap herself out of what she was sensing, wiping away a few tears that were running down her face as she looked at Tyson. “It was a ... an echo, a very strong psychic echo. It’s possible that one of the crew of the Columbia had abilities like mine.” She took a seat and sat with her head in her hands, the experience hadn’t been a pleasant one.

"Are you sure something like that is possible? I didn't know that people with psychic abilities could leave an...imprint of some kind?" he responded as now he really was interested.

Sky looked up at Tyson. “It’s possible, it’s only ever happened to me once before. This was ... stronger, much stronger!” She took a deep breath. “It’s possible the ship itself is holding the imprint of whoever I sensed, a disaster of such power that it left an eternal imprint.”

"Counselor, I want you to go through the records of the Columbia and possibly see if you and the computer can identify any psychic species on board, I know in 2305 it was rare; but still it would be nice to see who left that imprint," said Edward.

"Aye Sir" Sky nodded. She had to admit she was curious herself as to who she was sensing, to make an imprint last all this time he or she had to be high on the psychic scale.

"I'm going to do some digging of my own and find out what the Columbia's original mission was as well, perhaps we can shed some light on this old mystery."

Capt. James Tyson
USS Sutherland

Lt. Cmdr. J'Ela Teisen
USS Sutherland

Lt. Skylar Jansen
Chief Counsellor
USS Sutherland

Lt. Jacen Rendar
Chief Operations Officer/SO
USS Sutherland

Lieutenant T'Pryss
Chief Medical Officer
USS Sutherland


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