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Finding the Black Box

Posted on Thu May 21st, 2020 @ 1:52pm by Lieutenant Jacen Rendar & Captain James Tyson Sr. & Lieutenant Commander J'Ela Teisen & Lieutenant T'Pryss

Mission: Echos in the Dark
Location: USS Sutherland: Transporter Room

With his toolkit prepared and ready for the away mission, Jacen entered the Transporter Room and stood ready, waiting for both J'Ela and T'Pryss to arrive.

As he waited, Jacen walked over to the Chief on duty, Chief Rayn. the Engineer in him wanted to make sure that they all beamed over safely and that they would all get back safely as well.

"How's it looking Chief?" Jacen asked as he ran a few checks on the rear console himself.

"All good to go, Lieutenant," She answered. "Don't you worry no, I'll be here making sure that we keep a permanent lock on you, in case you need pulling out of there fast. Fortunately, your beaming on board an old Starfleet vessel, so that makes things a little easier."

"Good, that's one piece of good news that makes me happy about this," Jacen explained as he finished his checks. "I just want to get over there and get this away mission completed. A lot of things don't feel right and answers need to be found as to what's going on here." Once again, Jacen stood by the transporter as he waited to beam over.

J'Ela arrived in the transporter room with her backpack and stood looking to the transporter chief. "Keep two types of transporter locks one regular and the other a skeletal one. Better safe than sorry I always say. I am still getting a creepy feeling like maybe a presence or something....not sure but it is definitely giving me the Willie's", she said.

"Definitely safe is better than sorry, I'm glad you're coming along," Jacen said with a smile. "Keep those good ideas coming along. Any idea how long the good Lieutenant will be? I want to get over there and back again as soon as possible." Jacen wanted to know what had happened to the Columbia but also didn't want to see the same thing happen to the Sutherland either.

Jacen was already waiting on her and the doctor when she walked in and gave the Transporter Chief her instructions. "Jacen what do you think we will find?", J'Ela asked turning towards him.

"Me? Hell if I know right now, however, these old Excelsior Class starships have a way of yielding their secrets easily. I studied the class well during my academy days. Built models of the different variants as well... We'll know when we find what we're looking for," Jacen said with a certainty in his voice.

It was only a few seconds later that T'Pryss stepped into the transporter room, medkit in hand, and moved towards the transporter pad to join the others.

"Ah Doctor.......glad to have you. If your ready we can beam over and get it done......then we can get back quickly agreed?", J'Ela said.

"I'm ready," T'Pryss agreed.

"Agreed," said Jacen as he and the others moved onto the Transporter Pad. Once everyone was in place, he looked over at Chief Rayn.

"Chief, Energise," he ordered.

As Chief Rayn worked the Transporter controls, the Away Team disappeared off the Pad and soon arrived on board the Columbia. As the beam faded away, Jacen pulled out his tricorder and started taking readings of their various surroundings. He wanted to find out where they were and where it was safe to start moving to, with different locations in mind for each of the officers.

Once he finished his sweep, Jacen reported back his findings. "We're lucky. It looks like the Structure is still intact," he explained. " We shouldn't have too much difficulty getting to Engineering and powering up both the Warp Core and pulling the Data from the Computer Core...however, I can't guess on whether or not we can get her moving yet...that answer will be clear once we get to Engineering."

He looked over at J'Ela. "We should be able to get a better idea once we get there," he offered. Looking over at Lieutenant T'Pryss, Jacen also realised her part in the Away Mission. "We can also assist you as well, along the way, Lieutenant," he offered.

"I prefer doctor," T'Pryss noted. "We are looking for remains."

"My apologies...Doctor," Jacen said. "Indeed, we're also looking for remains as well."

"I need to see what condition the dilithium crystals are in before we try a warm-up. If they are cracked then we will have to figure a different method of starting the core reaction. I just hope that they are ok", J'Ela said walking for the Jefferies tube to begin the climb down to engineering.

"Understood, let's hope the job is an easy one," Jacen admitted as he went to follow her down the tube. "It would make a nice change for something easy to happen on mission....although some would say that's a little boring also..."

Before moving to the Tube, Jacen made his next comment clear. "Doctor, keep an open comm line, if you need anything, shout and I'll be there right away," he said, giving a look of assurance to her.

"Understood," T'Pryss said. Her Vulcan calm was unshaken despite her grim task.

Jacen followed J'Ela down the Jeffries Tube and before long they were making their way towards Engineering and the location of the Computer core. Once they arrived, it was clear that the damage internally to the Columbia was quite extensive. However being Starfleet officers and also being Starfleet Engineers, they were the best in the business and with no challenge too small.

Jacen pulled out his tricorder once more as he headed over to the Computer Core and started to try and ascertain the condition of the core and how much information he would be able to pull from it. He had high hopes that he'd be able to pull complete logs from it, however, he also knew in the back of his mind that he would need to work on the core as well. He began scanning the core to see what condition it was in.

"Damn!! What in the name of Grethor happened here?" J'Ela exclaimed pulling her tricorder out and started to scan.

"Kahless!!.....this is not good......Jacen we got a problem. The DCAF is open, crystals exposed but not cracked but.....Shit!! The intermix chamber has microfractures in the walls of the chamber itself!" she said, cursing in Klingon. This would mean that in order for the core to fire up she would have to resurface the wall of the intermix chamber and that would take time.

Jacen looked over and straight away knew that their stay aboard the Columbia was going to be a little longer. With the intermix chamber in such a state, it was going to take time to get that back online and be able to move the Excelsior Class starship, let alone pull the logs from the computer core.

"Jacen what would be needed to get the computer records and logs out, downloaded? How much power would be needed? If we bring portable power generators and hook them to the computer, could we get enough power to download the logs at least and then try to fix the chamber walls?" J'Ela asked him.

"That could be done yes, but we'd need to produce a lot of power to do it," he explained. "We'll need around ten power generators to get the core up and running to download the logs etc...maybe another two to have as backups and minimise the amount of energy we put out we well." He stood and thought for a moment.

"If we were able to get a team over from the Sutherland, say, 4-5 Operations engineers, they could work on the Intermix chamber as the power generators would be enough on their own to power the computer core. I've already got the tools here needed for the download. My only concern is that this ship suddenly went dark for a reason... something took her out of action and if we produce an energy signature large enough, that could also entice back whoever did this," he continued.

He walked around the core itself for a moment before going over to look at the intermix chamber. "Regardless of what we do, we'll need the Sutherland nearby for protection, whatever the outcome. But I recommend we get the Engineering team over here and get them started on the chamber. I can oversee the download once the power generators are hooked up."

T'pryss, meanwhile, was continuing to scan for any kind of organic remains. Most of the crew certainly seemed to have escaped but her tricorder was picking up some traces. She made her way through the ship, finding next to nothing, until she arrived at the starboard nacelle control room. The skeletal remains of several humanoids were in the chamber. One had had the back of his skull bashed in. Other had her neck broken. The third was charred and blackened. Vulcan male. Vulcan female. Andorian male. At least that was the initial reading. She tapped her comm badge. "T'Pryss to Teisen."

"Teisen here, go ahead Lt. T'Pryss, found something?", J'Ela said looking at Jacen. At least maybe now they would have a small idea of what might have happened.

Jacen worked on the Computer Core as he heard J'Ela speaking with Lt. T'Pryss. After working away for a few minutes, he plugged in the two Power Converters that he'd brought with him from the Sutherland as part of the Away Team equipment. Once he synchronised the converters to work on the same frequency and power levels that the Computer Core was used to, Jacen fired them up. He stood back as, after a few moments, the Computer core itself began to power up.

He was surprised by this and ran a scan with his tricorder. the results came back that the Core had been in Sleep Mode and had been running on a very low power rating. "Well, I'll be damned," he said to himself. Plugging in the Data Node he'd brought along, Jacen secured it and began the download.

J'Ela turned around suddenly at the sound of power flowing through the Core. "What in the got the computer up and working. Let's get it downloaded and fast". The fact it powered up so quickly made her uneasy. Reaching out with her limited abilities she could not sense anything yet but that could change in a heartbeat.

"Doctor I suggest you hurry on your examinations. We may not be alone out here", J'Ela said hastily.

Jacen agreed with J'Ela's feelings on the current situation and he continued to work on downloading the Columbia's Computer Core contents to the Data Node. He set the download speeds for their highest outputs as he understood the situation clearly. "What has Lt. T'Pryss found," he asked quietly.

"I have no idea but we soon will find out. I just want to get the hell out of here. I have a creepy feeling that we are not alone out here. Even though I can't sense any presence, I get that feeling that we are being watched," J'Ela said with a nervous tone.

Jacen nodded his agreement. "Well the download is accelerating itself nicely, this will be done pretty soon. Go find out whats going on. As soon as this is done, we can get back to the Sutherland," he offered. Whilst they were on board the Columbia to find out what had happened to her, there were also not in any position to try and do anymore apart from investigating as much as they could.

"I'll be fine, see what's going on," he said. Knowing that T'Pryss must have stumble across something important, he was happier that J'Ela would be able to see what was going on.

"I've found the remains of several crew members," T'Pryss said. "Two Vulcans and an Andorian. The Andorian, at least, was killed violently and not by the crash."

J'Ela was still talking on her combadge as she rounded the corner and stumbled over a body. "Oh my god........" she exclaimed, looking at T'Pryss. Looking over the bodies one looked like it was possibly tortured. "Could this be torture on this body?", she added.

"It's a strong possibility," T'Pryss agreed. "It is also conceivable that damage was done in the heat of a struggle. I will attempt an autopsy but the decay of the bodies will make it difficult to get reliable results. I think I should also provide security with this data. They might have insight in piecing together this incident. I doubt it is unrelated to the larger mystery of this ship."

"Agreed Lt. T'Pryss. Get what you need and get the hell out of here.

Whilst J'Ela was investing the discovery made by T'Pryss, Jacen continued to work away on completing the download of the computer core of the Columbia. He continued to monitor the power flow and the download ratings to make sure that every detail possible was captured before the process came to an end. That way, they would have all of the data they needed to analyse back on the Sutherland.

Looking away for a moment wondering what T'Pryss had found, a beep notification caught his attention. The download had completed itself and all of the computer core data from the older Excelsior-class starship was now copied over to the Data node he brought.

"Job done," he murmured for a moment. Packing away the equipment, Jacen tapped his combadge.

"Rendar to T'Pryss and Teisen, the Computer Core download is complete, I'm ready to leave here when you both are," he said as he began packing away the various items of equipment and prepped the Data node for transport.

"Teisen here... Let's get off here and back to the Sutherland with all due haste!", she said rather quickly.

Jacen suddenly had a look of concern on his face as he heard the reply. Packing up the rest of the equipment, he was now worried about what would cause such a hasty request to, despite being on what felt like a ghost ship during their time onboard the Columbia.

"Understood, have you and Lt T'Pryss finished up your work and have everything you need? I just want to make sure, I'm not ecstatic about the idea f a second trip over here," Jacen advised as he looked around.

"I am finished," T'Pryss said. "However, the remains need to be transported to sickbay."

"Yes T'Pryss is finished but the remains need to be transported to sickbay. So I suggest we finish up quickly. I have this feeling that we are not alone here," Teisen replied.

"Very well, Rendar out." Jacen tapped his commbadge before going down the corridor and finding both T'Pryss and Teisen securing the remains that they had located. Once the process was complete for each of the remains that they were taking back to the Sutherland, Jacen helped them move the remains as carefully as possible back to the beam in site.

Gathering his and J'Ela's equipment from Engineering, once everything was in place, Jacen checked with the others before tapping his comm badge once more. "Rendar to Chief Rayn, Away Team is ready for Transport. Before we come back, have a Medical Team on standby, we'll need some help with some evidence we're bringing back with us," he reported.

Back on the Sutherland, Chief Rayn acknowledged the Away Teams signal. "Chief Rayn to Away Team, understood, Stand by for transport," she reported. Once her signal was acknowledged, the Away Team arrived shortly after on the Transporter Pad before her with Rayn making sure that the transport was complete.

As Jacen stepped off the Transporter Pad, he went over to Chief Rayn's console and activated a comm channel. "Transport Room to Captain Tyson, the Away Team is back and we've brought back some homework to investigate," he reported, looking back as the Medical team assisted T'Pryss with moving the remains.


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