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Changing of the Guard

Posted on Thu May 28th, 2020 @ 8:10am by Captain James Tyson Sr. & Lieutenant Lily Barker

Mission: Echos in the Dark
Location: Ready Room

Edward had been sitting in his ready room since the away team beamed over to the wreak of the Columbia, the counselor was looking up data to find out if any psychic able crew were on the Columbia's manifest prior to it's destruction; and Edward himself was also looking into the records, as he was trying to find out the Columbia's primary mission. Yet at almost every turn he was blocked via a endless road of dead ends and the computer wasn't helping any because it kept saying that the data was insufficient. Especially when he asked the computer to compute why the Columbia is resting in her current position at this current date and time...and she was reported missing more than six sectors away near the edge of the Tholian Border. As he rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and pointer finger slowly to release the built up tension that was being caused by a lack of information to solve this mystery.

His advisor that turned his Chief Security/Tactical Officer had received orders to remain on the Columbia settlement and transfer back to Starbase 72 aboard the USS Elena; which meant that the Sutherland was acting without an official head in that combined department. He had requested that his XO pick out qualified candidates to fill the position ad when she did; he was more than happy to see that the Sutherland had a good combination of senior career officers as well as rookie ones.

Lily was at her station on the Sutherland when her Commanding Officer called her to his ready room she headed to his ready room and hit the chime and waited for him to allow her to enter. she looked over security department and saw she had a new deputy Chief one lieutenant Nathaniel Capp she would need to meet with him as soon as she was done with her meeting with the Commanding Officer. from looking at his record he served onboard both starships named Enterprise the galaxy class Enterprise-D and sovereign class Enterprise-E under Captain Picard. looking at his career he had a lot of security Background she knew he would be a great asset to her security Department.

"Come In," replied Edward as he cursed to himself as he hit another road block.

Lily Walked into the Ready Room and stood at attention "Lt. Lily Barker reporting as ordered captain " she had a PADD with recents reports and status of her new Security Department. "you wanted to see me Captain?" Lily wondered what this meeting was about.

"Good Afternoon Lieutenant," he stated as he continued looking at the monitor for a moment, and then thought that he should take a brief break; and maybe then he could find a new approach to this. As he powered down his monitor he reached for his now cooled up of coffee as a few minutes ago the replicator made it way too hot, and took a long sip as he allowed the warmth of his favorite drink to soothe him.

"I called you hear because Commander Boquta had to returned back to Starbase 72 for urgent re-assignment via Rear Admiral Woodard; and we are in need of his replacement, and your name came up as one of the candidates for the position. Can you please give me some background information, and also tell me how you are qualified for this senior department head role?" he asked of her.

Lily began " my Background is all security I was the former Chief Security/tactical Officer on the USS Leviathan-B before coming aboard the Sutherland your former department head trained me in this post I continued as the new Acting Chief security Officer i have been in the acting chief security officer for a few months now I have shaped the security department since then Captain" she said.

"Tell me lieutenant, how would you approach a hostile situation that involves hostages?" the Edward inquired?

Lily said. "My team and I would asses the situation first then act upon it under your orders Captain." she said to her commanding Officer

she then added "It depends on who are the hostages Captain" she inquired to her Commanding officer.

"Okay here is a scenario," Edward as as he leaned back in his chair a bit. "We have been called into a hostage situation in the Mount Joy System; a trade delegation made up of a Bolian Ambassador, the Administrator of the Mount Joy III colony, two Bajoran trade negotiators and a Klingon negotiator as well," replied Edward. "They have been taken hostage by a group called the unbelievers. They have been colonists in the system since the colony was founded in 2268 and they do not want to share anything with anyone outside of their own people; and so they take them hostage in order to force the Federation to not negotiate trade into there they are afraid and scared it will change their colony's way of life."

Lily had a PADD that had the exact scenario" here is what the planned scenario that my team and I would approach the hostage situation. "Lily explained the planned scenario. "my team and I would have the group leader to surrender their weapons and have them let the hostages go if not I would use the stun setting of my phaser on the leader of the group to force the rest of them to let the hostages go Captain I would not hurt the trade delegation team they are privy to the negotiations for the mount joy III colony Captain ." lily said.

"What happens if they shoot and kill one of the delegates in order for us to meet their demands?" he asked.

Lily Said."I would not do anything without the Commanding Officer's orders " she said.

"Very good," replied Edward as he shook his head in approval. "Tell me what security procedures would you introduce in order to bring up efficiency, and the same also applies for tactical officers," he asked.

Lily presented a PADD for Captain Tyson to look over " here is the list of Procedures that my Acting Deputy and I put together before My meeting with you for my department it includes drills and tactical training for hostage situations sir."lily said.

"Anyone can read a Padd lieutenant," replied the captain. "I want to hear from you verbally about your ideas," he said to her. He cracked his knuckles releasing the tension that had been built up in his fingers from all the typing he had been doing for the past three and half hours. "When it comes to beefing up the Sutherland and even away missions. How would you train the crew in preparing for boarding parties should we are boarded? How are you prepared in teaching people self-defense in hand to hand combat and also with weapons, who are not focused on those kinds of procedures. I'm asking because these are something that every Chief of Security/Tactical Officer thinks about and is somewhat in my mind as well."

Lily said to Captain Tyson "I would have my staff do back to back drills on situations that require hand to hand combat my deputy mr. Capp would oversee the training he would also train them in hand to hand combat he was trained in hand to hand combat when he served on the Enterprise -d and E ". she said.

Edward nodded his head in agreement to what he was hearing. "I am glad to hear that lieutenant. Now before we conclude this interview as you will be serving as the Sutherland's new CTSO...what questions do you have for me if any?"

Lily Said "I have no questions Captain Im just eager to get started on shaping my department staff and train them hard sir" she said.

"Very well lieutenant," he stated with a smile as he rose from his desk. "We have a staff meeting starting in just a few moments, and I fear we are going to be the last ones to arrive: if you would follow me and I'll lead you to your first staff briefing."

Lily followed her Captain from his office to the staff meeting which was in the ready room on the backside of the bridge .

Edward walked around his desk and approached the ready room doors, which departed and showed the view of the bridge. His presence was acknowledged for stepped on the bridge but he quickly put his hand up to dismiss the order to attention, and walking around the backside of the bridge; he approached the ready room doors, and as he pressed the button he already saw the majority of his senior staff assigned.


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