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New Discoveries

Posted on Fri Jun 12th, 2020 @ 12:26pm by Captain James Tyson Sr. & Lieutenant Commander J'Ela Teisen & Lieutenant Lily Barker & Lieutenant Jacen Rendar & Lieutenant T'Pryss & Lieutenant Skylar (Sky) Jansen

Mission: Echos in the Dark
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD2 12

OOC: This take place after the away mission and the data has been compounded in to what we are dealing with.

{Tag everyone's entrance, Edward and Barker will walk in last as he is having a meeting with the new CTSO}

J'Ela was standing looking out the window of the ready room. She had a hot mug of oolong tea and was sipping on it waiting for the rest of the senior staff to arrive.

Sky arrived at the ready room, as a meeting had been called she didn’t bother to press the chime instead she walked on in. Seeing J’Ela inside she smiled warmly. “Hello, Commander.”

Having completed his reports, Jacen made his way into the Ready Room with a PADD in one hand and a raktajino in the other. As he made his way in he saw both Sky and J'Ela talking by the window.

Taking a seat and putting both his drink and PADD down, Jacen smiled. "So, hows the view ladies?" he asked.

“As twinkly as ever!” Sky grinned as she looked at Jacen.

"It never ceases to amaze me at how many stars there are and knowing that some are inhabited worlds," J'Ela said to Lt. Sky.

"How are you this morning Jacen?," J'Ela inquired.

"I'm well, thank you," he replied. "I've had a good nights rest since the data from the Columbia was checked, double-checked and has had a full analysis completed on it. Hopefully, that should give us some insight as to what happened out here." He took a sip of his drink as he smiled back at the both of them.

After taking a sip of his drink, he as back. "Although it was good to be on an older starship, its good to be home again and back on the was very creepy over there at times," he admitted.

T'Pryss entered and took her seat. She folded her hands neatly in front of her.

Jacen nodded to the Vulcan officer. Sharing the away mission with her and J'Ela had given Jacen a chance to work with T'Pryss and understand her a little better. He'd found her methods to be very thorough and found that she was an asset on the away mission. Jacen quietly hoped he'd get to work with her again.

T'Pryss returned Jacen's nod respectfully. She had also learned something of him on the Away Mission. She was sure they would have other occasions to work together.

After her meeting with the Captain Lieutenant Lily Barker the new Chief Security/Tactical Officer entered the ready room with A PADD in hand ready for the staff briefing to start

{Captain Walk's in}

"Good evening everyone," replied Edward as he sat down at the head of the table.

T'Pryss rose when the captain entered and then sat again as he did. "Good evening, captain."

(Once everyone sits.)

"Alright, please tell me what you have found; and I will tell you what I have discovered, and hopefully we can make out some sense of this puzzle," he stated as he looked around at his senior staff.

Jacen pulled up the PADD that held a summary of the data that he had managed to locate and download from the Columbia's computer core. He moved to the Display on the wall as he fed the data on there for everyone in the room to see.

"The Computer Core download went a lot easier than expected, Captain," he started. "Its almost as if the Core had plenty of power to it and that the core had reminded on low power mode. that helped with the download. From the data analysed so far, it seems that the Columbia encountered some kind of massive force, with the Excelsior-class starship coming off worst during what could be deemed as combat."

Jacen then ran a schematic of the Excelsior-class starship on to the Wall Display before continuing.

"The Columbia came off worst, but one of the best points about this type of starship is that the space frame is designed to take a beating, despite being one of the older classes within the fleet. That being said, the Data revealed a lot more going on board. There are various personal and Senior Officer logs speaking about weird and unexplained happenings taking place on board whilst the ship was essentially attacked. None of it makes to much sense, to be honest, but something bad happened onboard once the battle was lost."

"I'll let Lt T'Pryss and Commander Tiesen take over at this point." Once he finished his report, Jacen looked over at both T'Pryss and J'Ela before making his way back to his seat. He knew that there was more to come and also wondered what information both Sky and the Captain had found out.

Sky was sitting listening to the briefing but her mind was still being caught up by what she had been, and still was sensing. It was almost as if she was being warned in some way by experiencing an echo of what had happened. She was being drawn in so deeply by what she was picking up that she was totally zoning out of what was going on in the conference room.

"From my observations, there was a large amount of phase scoring along the walls in the corridors and in engineering itself. There was a definite firefight. The damage to engineering was considerable but not as bad as I had expected. If we were to make an attempt at trying to bring the excelsior back online, it will that at least 3 to 4 different teams and two days. While there, however, I got some strange feelings that we were not alone. I can't even think or explain what I felt but it was definitively there," J'Ela said.

"When I saw the remains before we transported them, they looked almost if they had been tortured. I can't explain how they looked but I know it was torture. I couldn't shake the feeling that we were not alone".

"My analysis of the remains is consistent with the Counselor's experience," T'Pryss added, "although I cannot determine conclusively that there was torture."

"Tortured in what way? Mentally or physically?" he inquired.

"Physically, T'Pryss answered.

"Interesting," replied Edward. "Very interesting, and that would explain why only a small portion of the crew was able to survive," he stated. "Well, I can say this, that after digging I have found no official records as to why the resting place of the Columbia is here." Edward pushed away from the head of the table and activated the 3D display of the Federation.

"According to this map the Columbia is here," he stated as he pointed into her current position. "According to Starfleet Archive records the Columbia has been listed as MIA near the Tholian border, which as you know it is more than 6 weeks away from our position even at warp 9...I cannot find any details as to why this is the case. Everywhere I have checked leaves me to a dead end, it is as if that someone perhaps altered the records; yet what I want to know is Wh...."

=/\=Bridge to Captain Tyson=/\=

"Tyson here," he responded.

=/\=Captain, we are picking up another distress signal sir; and it's origin is Starfleet=/\=

"Distance?" he inquired.

=/\=Twelve light-years away sir,=/\= the bridge officer replied.

"Hell, it will take us nearly two days at maximum warp to reach that location," he inquired.

"Is there anything else that we need from the Columbia?" he asked.

"I've concluded my part of the investigation so far, Captain, however, I'll need some time to work on the data we pulled in further detail," Jacen explained.

"Very good," he replied to Jacen. "Helm lay in a direct course for that signal location, maximum warp," he stated. "Counselor”

=/\=Aye sir=/\= came the response from the bridge.

Sky didn’t answer for a moment until she suddenly snapped out of her state of telepathically induced daydreaming. “Sir?”

"Jacen, I want you to pour over the sensor data and see if you can correlate what happened to the Columbia and those Pact ship's and see if you see any similarities. Doctor and Counselor the vacuum of space should have preserved the bodies...I only want you to take a couple and perform a detailed autopsy and see if they died from physical trauma or psychological...and see if you can find the crewmember the species that Counselor here said was on the Columbia that had some psychic abilities," he stated.

"Unfortunately, sir, there was surprisingly little damage to hull. There was still atmosphere in the area where we found the bodies. However, I should be able to learn a great deal even from the remains we do have." T'Pryss's tone remained matter-of-fact, somber but not emotional.

Sky nodded. “I think ... I can find him.” She gave no further comment on how she’d know which body was the right one. It somehow felt as though the presence from outside the ship was now inside almost as though it was in the same room with her. She said nothing for fear of sounding totally crazy.

"I'll work on the data, Captain and see what I come up with. It's disturbing that we have one older Federation Starship in two places at the same time. I'll let you know what I have whilst we make out way to the next distress signal," Jacen confirmed, already making notes on his PADD. He'd also noticed the two new Senior officers who had joined the briefing and made a note to catchup with them later.

"However, I'd like to say on the record that two Starfleet distress signals in the space of 48 hours is very suspicious, I recommend caution, Captain," Jacen advised.

Lily agreed with Jacen then said to Captain Tyson "Lieutenant Rendar is right two Starfleet distress signals in the space of 48 hours is very suspicious it could be a trap Captain if I were you I would let Starfleet know of the situation," Lily said.

"I agree with you on that assessment, but the main question is who is setting those traps," said he said to himself. "In the meantime, I'll contact Rear Admiral Woodard and inform him of what we have found; perhaps his clearance level might be able to shed some more light on the subject," he said as he stood up. "Also before we leave Lieutenant Barker is our new CTSO here, and I know that she will do an excellent job," he further added.

"Also before we close out this briefing, Lily I want you to prepare a message buoy with our last known details, our science records and coordinates; updated them every 24hrs...should something happen to us I want Starfleet to be able to find us, as I refuse for us to end up like the Columbia.

"If I may.....two distress signals in 48 hours, the fact we are near the Tholian border, the condition of the Columbia and the remains found, and both Sky and myself agree that there is a presence, I would have the Sutherland at yellow alert at least," J'Ela said.

Lily said to Captain Tyson "Aye Sir." She hit her combadge "Bridge to Lt. Capp " she waited for her deputy to respond "Capp here, What is it Lt.? he asked.

"Mr Capp I want you prepare a message buoy with our last known details our science records and coordinates: update them every 24hrs once you have done that report to me at once," she ordered Nathaniel. Nathaniel responded "I'm on it, Capp out," he said closing the channel. Lily turned to Captain Tyson "My deputy is preparing the message buoy sir" she said.

"Alright everyone we have our separate assignments, let's get to it: and take the ship to Yellow Alert," he stated as he stood up and walked out of the conference room.

Getting up from her seat Sky breezed her way out still feeling as though someone or something was keeping pace with her. It wasn’t something she could put into words to easily explain to anyone, for now, she would have to try and understand it first.

J'Ela had picked up Sky's hesitation, if you could call it that. Something was definitely off and it bothered J'Ela enough to make her want to speak with Sky soon. Leaving the conference room, she tapped her com badge, "J'Ela to Lieutenant Jansen, you got a minute? We need to talk."

Getting up from her seat Lily went to check on her department staff .

Sky reached her hand to her comm badge. “Jansen here, you can catch me in my office Commander. I’m heading there now.” With that she closed the comm.


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