"Getting Acquainted"

Posted on Sat Jul 18th, 2020 @ 6:34am by Lieutenant Jacen Rendar & Lieutenant Commander J'Ela Teisen

Mission: Echos in the Dark
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: After "Meeting of the Minds"

J'Ela had programmed the holodeck with a Betazed setting to a meadow with trees and grass and flowers. She also programmed a running stream complete with fish. Birds and everything were there and it was one of her better programs, and it was her go to place to think and relax. As she was sitting there, her thoughts took her to the recent Away Team mission and Jacen. Jacen was different than most men she had come across. Polite, caring, and handsome to be sure, but there was more to him than just that. She sensed something deep down within that caught her attention, understanding and compassion. Two qualities she wanted in a friend and possibly more should it happen.

With her promotion from Engineering to Executive officer, she had more responsibility on her shoulders as she doubled for Chief Engineer until they found one that met her qualifications. This person had huge shoes to fill in replacing her, besides she would be a Chief Engineer for all time. You can take the engineer from engineering but you can't take the engineering out of the person!! This would fit J'Ela to a "T" for her life. "J'Ela to Jacen, care to join me in holodeck 1 for a break?" she asked.

Jacen was finishing up on some paperwork in the Operations Office when he heard the comm chime for his attention. He pressed the button on his desk as he closed off the report on the PADD he was working on. He was also glad to hear J'Ela's voice as well. He'd been meaning to speak to her however things had gotten away from them as normal.

"Hey, I would love to join you for a break," he admitted. "Let me sign off here and I'll be right down." Closing off the final PADD, Jacen put his desk in order and then made his way towards the nearest turbolift. Once he arrived on Deck 11, Jacen headed straight for the holodeck.

He checked the wall panel and could see that there was a program in motion and prepared himself for what he might find. Once he entered the Holodeck, Jacen was caught by surprise by the view that stood before him. Although he'd never visited the planet, Jacen was aware of how beautiful Betazed itself was and realised where he was.

As he spotted J'Ela sitting on the grass, he made his way over to her and joined her on the grass. He looked around as he took in the view and could see a look of contentment on her face. "This is amazing... it's so beautiful, where are we?" he asked, wanting to make sure.

Smiling and slightly giggling, "Yes it is Betazed, and it is a little spot near my mother's home. I always come here to relax and get away from the problems of everyday life", J'Ela said softly. Taking his hand, "I've been meaning to ask you if you would like to be a little bit more than just friends. I do not mean to be bold but, well, Jacen you mean more than a friend to me actually," she added.

Jacen didn't flinch when she took hold of his hand, in fact, he was happy about it and he felt comfortable. After she had explained the special meaning of this spot, Jacen now understood what this meant to J'Ela. He listened as she spoke to him and he had an idea of what was coming. "It's funny you should say that...go on, I'm listening," he said to her.

"I am not one to hide my feelings from people but.......Jacen, I find myself falling in love with you. You have shown me that you are a caring man who does not hide his concern for my well being, that you care for my feelings and respect me to the max. You have shown me respect like no one else and you have earned my trust. I feel a little foolish in telling you but, I had to get it out in the open. I just hope I have not frightened you or pushed you away," J'Ela said softly as she looked into his eyes, almost scared that she might have done just that.

Jacen listened to J'Ela as she explained how she felt about him and how he had shown her respect, kindness and care in recent times. As he took on board what she said, he began to realise what she was saying and soon knew what he wanted to say. When she had finished, Jacen gently held her hand a little tighter as he smiled. She had been honest and open with him and now it was his turn.

"J'Ela, thank you for sharing this with me, thank you for being honest with me and thank you for taking the time to talk to me about this," he began.

"I can happily say that I share these same feelings for you as well. As we sit here, near your mothers home, I can't help but to be taken aback by the beauty that surrounds us and that beauty is magnified by your own. I feel the same way about you. Since we have met and shared time together, I have come to develop feelings for you and care for you in ways I haven't known before and I want to keep feeling this way and allow it to grow between us," Jacen explained.

"In short, you haven't pushed me away. In fact, you've given me the chance I want to get closer to be with you, be together with you and if you're in agreement, begin a relationship with you...," he said, pausing as he waited for her reaction.

"I thought you would never ask. Yes, my love I too wish a relationship with you. You have made me so happy, your compassion and caring is something that makes you who you are my beloved," J'Ela said as her heart started to flutter. "Our two hearts now beat as one", she added with a deep kiss, pushing him back onto the grass. She knew exactly what was going to happen and what she wanted. She could sense the same from Jacen as well.

Jacen felt warm and happy as J'Ela agreed that she wanted to be with him as well and suddenly the day felt as though it was much brighter and held more hope. As she pushed him onto the grass and shared a deep kiss with him, Jacen joined the kiss with her and allowed himself to relax as they shared the first embrace together. As they broke, Jacen ran his fingers through her hair.

"I think I'd like to try that again," he said as he gently pulled her to him and the shared a second kiss together, the both of them allowing for more emotion to be shared between them as they discovered how that felt about each other and what they wanted together. Jacen held J'Ela close to him as he enjoyed this new sensation that they shared together.

J'Ela gently embraced Jacen, "Shall we elope right here?" she said kissing him with more feeling and passion this time allowing for her emotions to openly flow. She knew she had made the right choice as both hearts beat as one.

Jacen smiled as he broke from her kiss and listened to her question. "Eloping? Now there's an old fashioned way of thinking," he said with a small laugh. "Let's see how we go first, marriage is a deep and long term commitment. I'm not saying no, but what I am saying is I want to get to know you first and grow to know and understand you better," he explained. As J'Ela kissing him with more feeling and passion, Jacen let himself go and felt content to stay in this idyllic setting for as long as they could get away with.

He could feel the warmth between them and he could tell that J'Ela was becoming more and more excited within their embrace and in a passionate way, they were sharing with each other. He could feel that she wanted more and he made it clear to her that he was ready to accept her and to share more with her right there and then. Jacen knew that he was already ready to give.

J'Ela could sense his love for her, "Imzadi, we shall grow together as two hearts become as one in time" she whispered finally laying in his arms.

Jacen smiled as they laid there on the grass together. "Yeah, I like that idea, I like that idea a lot," he said as he held J'Ela close. They had committed to being together and Jacen also knew that for J'Ela to call him Imzadi meant that she had committed to him in a big way. They were now together, come what may.

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