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Chat with the CO

Posted on Mon May 6th, 2019 @ 2:05pm by Lieutenant Jacen Rendar & Captain James Tyson Sr.

Mission: Wounded Pride
Location: Captains Ready Room
Timeline: Pre MD

Once he'd stowed away his things and had the all clear from the Head Nurse on board, Jacen made his way to the Bridge, deciding to take a look at where he would be at work on a daily basis.

As he made his way through the deck, he could see different Operations and Engineering teams working away in various corridors, running through maintenance or repairs as they worked to get the ship prepared for active duty again. The last time he was in this position was when he worked on the Lexington during her refit for a short time, helping to get her ready for re-entering service before his transition to New York.

It helped to see that there was plenty of work to be done, however, Jacen was happy that experience of Nebula CLass starships before would be of good use. In the meantime, he needed to meet with the CO, Commander Tyson and understand where thing stood with the Sutherland in regards to her refit for active service.

As he walked onto the Bridge, Jacen could see plenty of officers and enlisted crew working away on various consoles and systems and he smiled as he walked past the Operations post. He knew he'd be working there soon, once he had it working to specs.

Jacen walked over to the Captains Ready Room and pressed the chime button.

Edward had been going over the various reports from the different departments concerning the Sutherland, including a wonderful chat with the Quartermaster as to why the Sutherland was given top priority to quickly get her refit done ASAP; when the chime to his ready room went off. "Come in," came his swift reply as he sat up a little straighter.

Jacen walked in and stood to attention just before the Commanders desk. "Lt Rendar reporting for duty sir," Jacen said, introducing himself before going any further.

"At ease Lieutenant," replied Edward as his withered smile forced out a light chuckle. Edward quickly moved over his fingers on the computer and pulled up the young lieutenant's personal file; granted he was already up to date with all his senior officers but he wanted to make sure he remembered his first name correct. "Jacen is it?" he asked as he power off his computer and folded his hands resting them on the desk.

"Thats me, sir, I'm your new Chief Operations Officer," Jacen explained, taking note that Commander Tyson had gone through the details. "Its a pleasure to be aboard the Sutherland."

"Happy to have you aboard Jacen, please have a seat" he said as he indicated to the first seat in front of the desk. "I've read your file and your work on Nebula class starships will come in handy, and as you can clearly see the Sutherland is on the tail end of her refit; according to a now upset Shipyard Quartermaster. I promise you she was not pleased when the Sutherland was ordered to be given top priority" he added with a bit of sarcasm on the end. Edward shifted slightly in his seat leaning back and taking a glance out of window as the Island of Japan came into view. "So tell me a bit about your previous posting?"

Jacen took the seat indicated to him and sat down. "Thank you," he said. He looked out of the window for a moment, marveling at the sight before him. "Well my previous assignment was on the New York under Captain Wright. We were assigned to a three year exploratory mission in the Gamma Quadrant, under the express permission of The Dominion" he explained.

"Whilst they have consolidated their borders, the Diplomatic Corps managed to negotiate the passage of a small number of Starships to return to the Gamma Quadrant. The New York was one of the lucky few and we came across some fantastic sights during that time, I won't forget them anytime soon, I can tell you." Jacen was clearly smiling as he recalled some of the key memories from that particular voyage.

"Well I will say this, it does help Jacen to have someone who is particularly familiar with how specific starships operate," he stated as he turned back around to face the young lieutenant. "We have a former Sutherland officer aboard, she served here a while ago but is finally back. So the more familiar faces the merrier," he added with a smile. "So tell me Jacen, what can I expect from you that isn't already listed in your personal file?"

"Well, I always aim to do my best and deliver my best in every role I have been in, however, I am concerned about the current Alrakis Pact situation in the Inconnu Expanse sir," Jacen admitted. "I've been trying to locate a friend of mine out there without much luck. I figure that serving on one of Starfleet more famous starships will help me locate him as well as showing the Pact what a fantastic vessel we have here." Jacen realised he went off on a personal tangent for a moment and tried to get back on track. "At the same time, having familiar faces working on board will mean that we'll be out of here a lot sooner, especially as we've pissed off the Dockmaster..."

"Yeah well the dockmaster will just have to be pissed off, I've encountered a lot of them over the years. Frankly, they are upset because it changes the way they want things done," Edward said. "As far as the Alrakis Pact goes they worry me as well," he added as he began to ball his fist up tightly. "Truthfully the Iconnu Expanse isn't their only focus these days," continued as he pressed a couple of buttons on a console and pulled up an entire layout of the Alpha Quadrant. "Apparently the Pact is trying to spread its influence along the entire border, they aren't in a position to challenge the Federation directly; but I bet they are looking for additional resources to beef up their current fleet status," he said as he stood up from behind his desk and started walking with his hands behind his back. "Then this Freedom's legion is advocating for systems to go independent, and if those border systems do go independent nothing is to stop the Pact from moving in an annexing those systems. It's a tight web we weave, and it is a grave time for the Federation."

Jacen could understand the frustration in Commander Tyson and it was good in Jacen's view, to see a Commanding officer so passionate about the current situation. He knew that he was coming aboard a fine ship and also joining a fine crew. "Despite what methods the Pact may well employ, I can confirm to you that you will get nothing but my best," he explained. "I know that the Pact will find ways to expand their influence, but I'm certain that we can make a difference with the Sutherland sir."

As he stopped for a breath, Jacen then wondered more about the Freedom's legion. "Sir, I've not heard much about this Freedom's legion, can you enlighten me some more?" Jacen asked further.

"Sure," replied Edward as he typed in his pass code and pulled up the data file on them and turned the screen around. "Freedom's Legion are a group of decentralized extremists, and it is believed that their protests have caused border worlds to pull away." He said as he let out a sigh of slight frustration. "If you haven't watched the interview its on the Federation news channels. Truthfully the border worlds have it harder than the core worlds, and it is easier for a governor of a border world to side with extremists rather than one with the core world. So it is the job of the fleet or at least it should be to provide hope and encouragement to those on the border worlds that we will protect their rights and freedoms." Edward let a slight pause go out before he added, and "I know I will get your best Jacen, that much is apparent. However I believe in informing my officers of things the Fleet would keep from them, transparency helps us all."

Jacen nodded in agreement. "Thank you sir, I appreciate your honesty with me and also your transparency on the current affairs that the Federation is dealing with," he said. Shifting in his seat a little, he pondered the next question. "I feel I should ask sir, what should happen if we come across a world that has been influenced by Freedoms Legion?" Whilst the position with the Alrakis Pact was clear, the position with worlds influenced by Freedoms Legion wasn't.

"Then we represent the Federation in the best possible light that we can. We find out what their grievances are, we find out if and where the Federation possibly let them down, while also trying to find out if Freedom's legion is on the planet." Edward paused for a moment and leaned back in his chair and thought back into Earth's history. Human's at one point of time in their lives were some of the most vile and horrible people that one could meet. What the Federation had to do was be careful about repeating history; just within a different light. "We bring Freedom's Legion to the table with the local governor of the world and we have a counter active productive defense and argument that falls into our favor. It one thing to want to break away, its another thing to separate yourself from the pack with the wolves out on the prowl."

Jacen nodded in agreement. "I understand sir, a difficult situation to deal with, but I'm sure we'll be well prepared," he said. "Is there anything else sir?" He asked. Jacen realized that his decision to join the Sutherland was a good move and he could tell he had a good Commanding Officer to work for. The Sutherland was in very safe hands.

"Nothing that I can think of Jacen, but make sure that we have more than enough supplies on board for Starbase 214. If you see any shortfalls you have my authority to go after them, and if you get any push back from Starfleet Operations. Tell them your working for me," he said with a half smile.

Jacen couldn't help but nod in agreement as he smiled. "Oh, I'll make sure that we're fully stocked with the necessary supplies before we're given the green light sir," Jacen assured him. "I have my own ways of being persuasive and I'm owed a few favours at Starfleet Operations already."

"Then I place it within your capable hands," he said as he reached over his desk with his hand extended. "Welcome aboard the Sutherland lieutenant, if you need any additional help do not be afraid to reach out to either me or our first officer."

Jacen stood up and shook hands with Commander Tyson. "Thank you, sir, if you'll excuse me, I'll go and get straight to work," he said, turning to leave the Captains Ready Room. As he walked out across the Bridge towards the turbolift, Jacen looked across at the Operations station and smiled.


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